2083378 XRTs Sunday Night ConcertFans of live music need not leave the house every Sunday at 8pm… just grab a beer and turn up XRT. A different concert recording is featured each week, check back here for the “Tour Schedule!”

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  1. don says:

    why don;t you ver list the shows you’er going to have each week? i never know what’s going to be on. also, why don’t you dig out some more old shows like madness , buzzcocks ans the english beat would be cool thanks

    1. Don,

      Just check this page: http://wxrt.radio.com/category/programming/this-weeks-programming-highlights/
      It’s updated weekly with everything you’ll hear on the air.

      XRT Webmaster

      1. Greg says:

        It does show the current concerts for both the 11th hour and Sunday Night concerts.
        Thank you. Looks like two choice shows – I forgot about the Elvis Costello show… and if Genesis is providing personal versions I’m ready to go!

  2. pabs says:

    hey XRT,

    I caught the beginning of the Easter Sunday night concert, Soul Asylum above the Metro in ’92. I enjoyed what I heard but was driving at the time and thus couldn’t exactly take notes on the song titles as I was hearing them. Can you provide a setlist to that and all future Sunday night concerts please? And I’m sure I’m dreaming but could you direct me on a way to actually acquire this/these shows via file or actual, physical disc? The beginning of tonight’s show was pretty good, I could stand to listen to that again. Failing that, however, I could at least get the album version’s of those songs if you provided a setlist to these shows. Rock!

  3. Bill Ross says:

    I’m sure if I understand why there would be a Sunday Night Concert web page if we have to look elsewhere for the “Tour Schedule” Note: I looked up the link you merntioned and there wasn’t anything at all on that page. Don’s comment is spot-on. The Sunday Night Concert page is NEVER updated, and hasn’t been regulary updated for as long as I have been lookng at it.. Sometimes it’s updated AFTER the show airs! (TIP: it doesn’t help the listeners to tell them about a concert after it’s OVER.)

  4. Greg says:

    You have so many excellent legacy shows:
    Talking Heads 1979, Ry Cooder 1983, Bruce Cockburn 1984; Shadowfax; Radiators, Subdudes, Siegal-Schwall Reunion…

    Honestly, this music is absolutely relevant today, to today’s younger listeners.

  5. Bear says:

    I missed the Elvis Costello Concert…is there a way to access it still? Thanks.

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