Wrigley Field food changes include Helmet Nachos

helmutnacho Wrigley Field food changes include Helmet NachosPersonally I don’t go to ballparks for the food, I keep my culinary delights to the basics, hotdogs, peanuts, beer or perhaps an Italian sausage but that’s it, I leave my gastronomical pleasures to the many fine chefs of this great city. Everyone has heard about the introduction of Bison Dogs at Wrigley this summer but this past week with my three visits to Wrigley, I experienced the [pullquote quote=”Cheese, meat, cracker, picante sauce, jalapenos, sour cream,olives etc in a kids sized plastic helmet.”]debut of what might end up being the hottest item at Wrigley with the “Your eyes are bigger than your stomach” crowd.  The gang I sit with on my trips to the Bleachers have dubbed this monstrosity of cheese, meat, cracker, picante sauce, jalapenos, sour cream,olives etc in a kids sized plastic Cub branded helmet,  The Helmet Nacho.

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nachos 385 Wrigley Field food changes include Helmet NachosFriday afternoon the bleacher bums, babes and broads observed about 3  humans situating themselves  on the cold hard metal of Wrigley’s Bleachers, beer in one hand Helmet Nacho in the other. Of course in our between inning banter the game was discovered.  Humans vs Helmet Nacho. Who could win this battle? Could a human with help from others actually consume over a 2 hour game every chip covered in meat, sour cream, melted cheese etc piled into a plastic helmet. Our discovery and the results of just two games show its going to be a long hard battle for us humans. Click More for the 2 day series and how you can help for games I might not be at.Friday’s Results : 3  Helmet Nachos spotted – not one completely finished Final Score Helmet Nachos 3 Humans 0

Sunday’s Results 5 Helmet Nachos spotted – one was finished Final Score Helmet Nachos 4 Humans 1

Standings                            Wins             Losses            GB

Helmet Nachos                      2                    0                —-

Humans                                  0                    2                   2

Want to play, take a picture of an observed Helmet Nacho, email it to me with the results : did the person finish it? every chip, the helmet doesn’t have to be licked clean. When you go to Wrigley, will take on the mighty Helmet Nacho?

I will tally your results with others and my own and we’ve got a game that might keep the baseball season interesting. Sox fans if Sox Park has the Helmet Nacho, you’re welcome to join. my email is marc@wxrt.com


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  1. kranzorz says:

    “Cracker”…?!? “Picante sauce”? …”Olives”?!? Was this written by someone from a non-nacho-having location who based their description solely on this tiny photo? These are obviously nacho *chips* with *salsa*, japapeno slices, etc…

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