billy 385 The Smashing Pumpkins On Jay LenoStumbled upon this last night while channel surfing. Guess I was initially  hypnotized by Leno’s hair and  couldn’t change the channel. Good thing, otherwise I would have missed this performance by the current [lastfm]Smashing Pumpkins[/lastfm]. Here’s Billy, the new drummer, refugees from Up With People and the song, “Widow Wake My Mind.”

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sp The Smashing Pumpkins On Jay Leno

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Comments (4)
  1. TY says:

    Worst song ever. Circus tune combined with moronic lyrics and tempo. I imagine such a song would be played in a nuthouse on repeate over and over and over again. Everyone left him and Billy also needs to evolve. This BS is terrible. I feel like he wants to remain the old Smashing Pumpkins but its not working. Usually when I watch backup singers they smile and enjoy the songs, here they are probabily complating suicide cause the song is so depressing.

  2. matt says:

    Is that you James Iha? No need to be so jealous

  3. rich says:

    Why would you take the time to post if you are not a fan?
    Real fans realize this is what this band has always been about.If you are looking towards chart topping rock,look to nickelback or kol,This is what is wrong with todays music scene, you need to look gimmicky cool and be played 15 times an hour on local radio.This was an alternative band and will remain so.Rock on Billy as the pumpkins because after all,You have always been the pumpkins

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