paul 3852 Audio: The Commander in Chief, Sir Paul, and XRTs Terri Hemmert at the White HouseTerri called in this morning to give us the highlights of last night’s Gershwin Prize presentation in the East Room: [lastfm]Corrine Bailey Rae[/lastfm] singing “Blackbird,” a sly rendition of “Michelle” for the first lady, and oh yeah … a tour of the White House.

PBS will show the whole concert to the rest of us next month. Here’s video of President Obama’s remarks. If you look to the second row, to the right of the stage, you might catch a glimpse of our Beatles Fan in Chief.

And here’s Terri’s take on a night to remember:

paulandterri Audio: The Commander in Chief, Sir Paul, and XRTs Terri Hemmert at the White House

paul 385 Audio: The Commander in Chief, Sir Paul, and XRTs Terri Hemmert at the White House

Comments (29)
  1. Terri ! says:


  2. Deb Gray says:

    Fantastic! You can hear the thrill in her voice. Nobody more deserving!

  3. Radiolizner says:

    Terri check out Got that pic of your sis? Jon will make it an archival fine art print for your and yours. He is the finest printmaker in Chicago, maybe even the world. It is on the house because you gave me a vicarious thrill listening to your evening at the White House, not to mention the years, and years, and years, and years of radio joy. Peace, Radiolizner

  4. Nicole says:

    wow look at terri – she deserves it!!!

  5. Tom Marker says:

    Terri, you’re the coolest! I was about to say I got as big a thrill listening to you tell this story to Lin as you had being there, but maybe not. I love the whole family thing. Paul and his family, Barrack, Michelle and their daughters, and it’s so great you got to be there with your sister. I can’t wait to hear more. See you soon.

  6. Maria says:

    Hi Terri! I am so happy that you were able to have this amazing moment. It could not have happened to a better person.

  7. Auntbone says:

    Wow, Terri how exciting that must have been and Julie got a kiss. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  8. Rena says:

    Terri you are one lucky lady! What an awesome experience for you and your sis!

  9. Hi Terri says:

    such an honor! such fun! why can’t i be you? really the thrill of a lifetime, so far, lucky you

  10. Lucky Duck says:

    ^ Livin’ the Dream^

  11. KC says:

    So cool Terri. Very happy for you.

  12. pam says:

    Terri, i can’t think of anyone who is more deserving of this than you. You are incredible, awesome, strong, courageous, and an inspiration. You rule Terri,
    I have so much respect for you. You have earned this accolade.
    Good for you (& i’m a little jealous),

  13. Beverly says:

    Terri.. I’m so happy for you. There are no words to describe how happy you sound. I’m sure this is a major highlight of your life. How very cool!. : )

  14. Tom Teuber says:

    On June 1, 1967, when Terri and I opened the mail at the Elmhurst College radio station, and there was the brand new Sgt. Pepper album, whoda thunk that the long and winding road — for both Terri and Paul — would end up at the White House?! 43 years almost to the day. What a great night. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Rose Good says:

    How proud we are to be from Piqua , a neighbor of Terri’s, and wonderful friends with her and the entire family.You are so deserving Terri. We love you.

  16. Terry A says:

    Just when you think Terri’s been to the “Toppermost”, she finds a new height to reach! Loved hearing that her group was the last to leave.

  17. Stephanie says:

    I’m so happy for you to have this wonderful experience. You give so much joy to so many and you finally got some back. Congrats!!

  18. Linda says:

    Congratulations Terri! What an amazing event. Paul is so deserving of this honor. Can’t wait to see it on PBS. You are my favorite DJ. I’ve been listening to you on WXRT since the 70’s. Thanks so much for all that you do.

  19. Daniel Teafoe says:

    Wow Terri!!! Can we talk six degrees of seperation here?
    And of course you asked Sir Paul when he is coming back to Chicago, right? I’m thrilled to bits for you and Julie. We can’t wait for The Fest this year! xox.

  20. Bob Gerrior says:

    Terri, what an extraordinary thrill! I’m so happy you and Julie were there for Paul’s special recognition. No one more deserving than you Terri because “the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

  21. JP says:

    Way to go Ranger Terri, wish I was there with you. Sir Paul has definitely had a career renaissance the last 5 years or so. Can’t wait to hear the story first hand at the “Fest for Beatles Fans” in 2 months at the Hyatt O’hare. All the beest and congrats Terri!

  22. Rose & Sam-your Fest for Beatlesfans family says:

    how FABulous for you Terri!!! I don’t even have to imagine how thrilled you were, I could feel my own excitement just by listening to your recollection of the nights events!!! Sam and I saw Sir Paul at The Joint in Las Vegas and we were thilled by how close we were!!! You are definitely MOST DESERVING!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!! see you in August! Peace Love & Happiness (:

  23. Chris says:

    Terri I ‘m very happy to hear that you were at the WH to see Paul receive this award. I am a life long Beatles fan and nothing will ever change that. But am very disappointed in Paul’s remark’s about former President Bush.

  24. scot says:

    as much as i dig paul and agree he should win the gershwin prize, he should NOT have made that anti-bush crack about the library at the end of his speech, that made him into an instant, foreign a-hole

    not gracious at all

    1. rosalyn says:

      Scott.. How American of you to note this! George Bush was such a great president too! His economic policies crashed the markets. He started an unnecessary war with lies. He repeatedly ignored the US Constitution and ramped a massive survellience of all Americans. Oh yes,he also dragged Tony the Poodle and all of England into the Mideastern morass of Bush-Cheney’s making.

      Given all that, how could Sir McCartney take offense with such wit?

  25. Chris Good says:

    Awesome, Terri. I forwarded this link to all my pals. I read Larry’s book “Ticket to Ride” a few years ago and enjoyed the original interviews on the included CD. I’m sure he was as thrilled as you to be at this event.

  26. Greg Jordan says:

    What a thrill! I’m one of Chris Good’s pals and he told me about your trip to the White House to chill with Paul. Congratulations. Wow.

  27. Nancy says:

    I watched the PBS special last night and didn’t know that you would be there. And then I saw you in the audience and thought. Wow, that looks like Terry Hemmert. And sure enough it was. It just makes sense that you were there!

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