steve 3851 Steve Goodman Birthday Specialsnc 125 Steve Goodman Birthday SpecialNot only was [lastfm]Steve Goodman[/lastfm] one of Chicago’s greatest musical legends, a pioneer of modern folk music and a fearsome flat-picker, he was also an inspiring example for everyone who battles a deadly disease. His fight with leukemia was conducted with resolve and good humor and continues to give comfort to those in a similar situation to this day. On Sunday,  his birthday,  we celebrate his life with an XRT Sunday Night Concert Special featuring live performances and recollections of his life from his friend and colleague [lastfm]John Prine[/lastfm].  Sunday night at 8.

Comments (10)
  1. RZ says:

    Love his version of Red, Red Robin.

  2. lilyvonschtupp says:

    My favorites are the Dutchman, My Old Man, Yellow Coat and of course, the City of New Orleans. I was fortunate to see him live several times.

  3. David Goodman says:

    Hey Mr. Lee Mr. Lee,
    Wow! Stevie’s mom Minnette and I are having a birthday BBQ celebration! Thankx XRT We’ll be listening!
    P.S. Minnette asks that you save a CD of this program for her.
    David Goodman

    1. mdshrk1 says:

      If Mr. Lee didn’t come through, let me know.

  4. dan says:

    Please please put the Steve Goodman B-Day Tribute on a podcast–I missed it. Gotta get my Chicago Shorty fix. Thanks!

  5. Paul Burd says:

    I remember very well when the “tribute” was broadcast the first time…I have to admit I “taped” it, and it was one of my prized audio gems…but my tape player has long since gone the way of Steve Goodman. Is it going to be available as a CD sometime? And now that I think about it, the “Tribute To Steve Goodman” concert at the Airie Crown is still one of the finest music events I’ve ever attended, and the resulting vinyl record on the “Red Pajamas” label did it justice, but will it ever be out on CD?

    Steve Goodman was one of a kind, and frankly I still miss his music, and sense of humor, a lot.

  6. jerry skora says:

    Please repeat this broadcast sometime soon.

  7. George Watts says:

    Terrific program! I second dan: Please make available as podcast! Just loved that ‘I’ll Fly Away’ solo acoustic closer!

  8. Jenny says:

    Sorry I missed it (working). Thanks for sharing!

  9. Greg Kovich says:

    XRT – this is a nice tribute to Steve, but I have a cassette I recorded off the air of a full Steve Goodman concert… You guys have all sorts of great music in your vaults, I’d love to see you play the full concert and then the absolutely insightful montage with John Prine…. then, get out the Talking Heads show from August 28, 1978 at Park West; then the Dire Straits show from 1979; Cars at Park West in ’79; Ry Cooder from ’84, Bruce Cockburn from ’84; Shadwofax, Siegel Schwall… If you can’t find them, send me a note and I’ll let you borrow my cassettes. Thanks for always having the best music!!!

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