lollapalooza 385 Is It Over Yet????I kid you not. When the alarm went off this morning, my first thought was who am I going to hear today at Lollapalooza? Then I remembered…oh, it’s Monday. What a weekend! So let me try to narrow it down to my top ten moments.

1. Any time I see Mavis Staples, her excellent band, and sister Yvonne, it’s a good day. Mavis took a lot of people down freedom’s highway. She a fantastic singer, civil rights historian, and spiritual healer. A true treasure to Chicago and the world. Way to go, Mavis.

2. Meeting very nice listeners all weekend long. The heat and the crowds made some people a bit wiggy, but not a single one who indentified themselves as part of the XRT family. Nice.

3. Jimmy Cliff singing every song a reggae fan would want to hear. He is still in such good voice! Just saw him on The Colbert Report the other night. He’s putting out some new music. Wonderful World Beautiful People. Just like the weekend.

4. Hearing the Black Keys do an incredible set and wonder why music in Ohio wasn’t that cool when I was growing up there. Oh, wait, we did have the McCoys Hang On Sloopy, which was a great record, but hats off to Black Keys for sounding fantastic.

5. Seeing Phoenix put in an amazing performance. The crowd went GaGa (no pun intended) and the band seemed thrilled as well. Said it was by far the largest audience they’d ever played for. And I would venture to guess, one of the most enthuastic.

6. The great job of sound and vision. The big screen shots were helpful if you were far away and were quite exciting. Made me wish they’d put out a Lolla DVD.

7. Hearing Mumford and Sons put on a strong performance for a big turnout on Sunday afternoon. Extra special for me remembering how down right nice and funny they were when they did a live performance on my show a few months ago. Good guys.

8. Spoon sounded great. What a good band. The one drag for me was I was so far from the National, that I missed the impact of their set. Can’t wait till they come back.

9. Looking at the Chicago skyline as dusk turned to darkness. We live in the most beautiful city. And the lake a block away. I was hanging with people from Montreal and New Jersey and they couldn’t get over how great the people were and how gorgeous our city is. I was darn proud. My kind of town.

10. Closing the weekend with Arcade Fire. Wow. New album…terriffic set. This d.j. thinks Suburbs is going to be huge for them. Well deserved success for them.

And if I could take the liberty of adding one more….kudos to Marty Lennartz and the rest of the staff that worked on blogging a ton of interviews, photos and in studio performances. You too, Zach. You can check those out at this very same website you’re reading right now.

Wow. Again.

Now I’d better rest up for the Fest For Beatles Fans. Just days away. As Warren Zevon once wrote, I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

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  1. L says:

    THEE BEST TIME!!! Proud to be from Beautiful Chicago. These fantastic music feelings aren’t wearing off of me any time soon.

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