Primus’ Les Claypool Talks New Album, Pinot Noir, And Billy Corgan

primus Primus Les Claypool Talks New Album, Pinot Noir, And Billy Corgan

In the realm of funk bassists, [lastfm]Les Claypool[/lastfm] stands as a true trailblazer. From leading the experimental jam-band punk-funk hybrid [lastfm]Primus[/lastfm], to adopting alternate alt-rock personalities ([lastfm]Colonel Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade[/lastfm], [lastfm]Oysterhead[/lastfm], [lastfm]Holy Mackerel[/lastfm]), Claypool’s full arsenal of fiendish bass leads, mad-eyed vocals, and uncaged guitar riffs is widely known as one of the most inventive of the ’90s.  [pullquote quote=”I haven’t rehearsed a band this hard since Frog Brigade decided to perform Pink Floyd’s epic Animals album.” credit=”Les Claypool”] So, when we found out Claypool and friends are heading into the studio soon to record their first Primus album since 1999, we couldn’t help but track down Les to tell us a bit more. He also disclosed five things the public doesn’t know about him, plus what musicians like [lastfm]Billy Corgan[/lastfm] of [lastfm]Smashing Pumpkins [/lastfm] thought of his oddball funk outfit back in the day.

Five things Les would like you to know about him:

1. “I listen to a lot of Western swing like [lastfm]Bob Willis[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Light Crust Doughboys[/lastfm].”
2.  “I’m looking forward to the new season of  “Survivor.”
3.  “I am a short Philippino man.”
4.  “I’ve cried multiple times while watching “Temple Grandin.”
5.  “I’m obsessed with Halo. It’s the only time i get to interact with my son.”

1. You must be really excited about reforming Primus. What sparked the idea to get the group back in the studio?

2. When you conceive a new album, do you deliberately plan to pursue a particular concept or a certain point of view?

3. Music from Primus isn’t really for everyone.  Can you talk about how you go about channeling inspiration into songwriting?

4.  During the early Primus days, did you ever feel like people wouldn’t get your music? (On this clip, Les shares what buddy [lastfm]Billy Corgan[/lastfm] had to say about his music.)

5. Tell us why you ventured in running your own brand of wine.

Five musicians Les would like to collaborate with in the near future:
1.  [lastfm]Led Zepplin[/lastfm]’s drummer, [lastfm]John Bonham[/lastfm]
2.  Singer [lastfm]Eugene Hutz[/lastfm] of [lastfm]Gogol Bordello[/lastfm]
3.  Bass player [lastfm]David Gilmour[/lastfm] of [lastfm]Pink Floyd[/lastfm]
4. [lastfm]Willie Nelson[/lastfm]
5. [lastfm]Merle Haggard[/lastfm]

Photos: Primus at the 2008 Outside Lands Music Festival

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