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Year Zero was another step in Nine Inch Nails‘ epic return to to form and it looks like HBO and BBC Worldwide are leaping at the chance to spin off its dark themes into a Sci-fi series. Last.fm Trends shed a little light on how fans have responded to Reznor’s opus.

Year Zero gained a strong following at Last.fm pretty quickly, and since its 2008 release it’s seen 6,983,494 plays from a devoted 244,324 listeners.
year zero 001 Last.fm Trends: HBO Takes On NIN Classics
What’s surprising about the record though is how consistently the tracks have performed. There’s little more than a few points between each of them, suggesting that listeners have been captivated by its strength as a body rather than individual stand-out singles.

That said, a couple do nudge ahead. “Survivalism” has secured some 1,211,657 of those plays, squeezing into the lead with a huge response from fans and casual listeners alike.

Head to NIN’s Last.fm profile to discover more now. From all-time favorites to the latest trending tracks, you can find out more right now, all for free.


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