th 385 Playlist: Saturday Morning Flashback 10/30/10

Talking Heads

Saturday Morning FlashbackNo shortage of synthesizers in this show! Fortunately, they were put to good, solid, danceable use in songs like “The Politics of Dancing”, “Baby’s in the Mountains”,”Sweet Dreams”, and Roxy Music’s live version of “Like a Hurricane.” We recalled the unexpected U. S. military invasion of the little island of Grenada, covered some of the celebrity losses with Frank E. Lee’s Rock & Roll Obituary, and visualized a young Tom Cruise dancing in his undies as the Regular Guy revisited “Risky Business.” Next week on Flashback: 1979


  • Song – Artist
  • She Blinded me with Science – [lastfm]Thomas Dolby[/lastfm]
  • One Thing Leads to Another – [lastfm]The Fixx[/lastfm]
  • I Melt with You – [lastfm]Modern English[/lastfm]
  • Sign of the Times – [lastfm]Belle Stars[/lastfm]
  • This Must be the Place – [lastfm]Talking Heads[/lastfm]
  • That’s All – [lastfm]Genesis[/lastfm]
  • The Greatest Thing – [lastfm]Elvis Costello[/lastfm]
  • Belly of the Whale – [lastfm]Burning Sensations[/lastfm]
  • Tear That City Down – [lastfm]Greg Kihn[/lastfm]
  • Change – [lastfm]Tears for Fears[/lastfm]
  • Pink Houses – [lastfm]John Mellencamp[/lastfm]
  • Radio Free Europe – [lastfm]R.E.M.[/lastfm]
  • Come Dancing – [lastfm]The Kinks[/lastfm]
  • The Wrong Heartbeat – [lastfm]Richard Thompson[/lastfm]
  • In a Big Country – [lastfm]Big Country[/lastfm]
  • Blister in the Sun – [lastfm]Violent Femmes[/lastfm]
  • Our Lips are Sealed – [lastfm]Funboy 3[/lastfm]
  • New Year’s Day – [lastfm]U2[/lastfm]
  • Sweet Dreams – [lastfm]Eurythmics[/lastfm]
  • Bang the Drum All Day – [lastfm]Todd Rundgren[/lastfm]
  • The Shape You’re In – [lastfm]Eric Clapton[/lastfm]
  • Burning Down the House – [lastfm]Talking Heads[/lastfm]
  • The Love Cats – [lastfm]The Cure[/lastfm]
  • Synchronicity II – [lastfm]The Police[/lastfm]
  • I Don’t Even Try – [lastfm]John Hiatt[/lastfm]
  • Havana Moon – [lastfm]Carlos Santana[/lastfm]
  • Major Tom – [lastfm]Peter Schilling[/lastfm]
  • Let’s Dance – [lastfm]David Bowie[/lastfm]
  • In the Mood – [lastfm]Robert Plant[/lastfm]
  • True Love pt. II – [lastfm]X[/lastfm]
  • Pride and Joy – [lastfm]Stevie Ray Vaughan[/lastfm]
  • Oblivious – [lastfm]Aztec Camera[/lastfm]
  • The Politics of Dancing – [lastfm]Re-Flex[/lastfm]
  • Red Red Wine – [lastfm]UB40[/lastfm]
  • Undercover of the Night – [lastfm]Rolling Stones[/lastfm]
  • Fool’s Paradise – [lastfm]The Blasters[/lastfm]
  • Our House – [lastfm]Madness[/lastfm]
  • Baby’s in the Mountains – [lastfm]Peter Godwin[/lastfm]
  • Phone Booth – [lastfm]Robert Cray[/lastfm]
  • Like a Hurricane (live) – [lastfm]Roxy Music[/lastfm]

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  1. Ralph says:

    I love the flashback every week. It really “makes” my Saturday and jogs memories. I need your help in finding a song. When Rockpile broke up there was a song about splitting up the assets. One line was “you take the car, I’m on my bike”. I don’t remember the title or who wrote it. Please help me…Thanks

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