londoncalling Playlist: Saturday Morning Flashback 11/6/10

The Clash - 'London Calling'

Saturday Morning Flashback1979 was the year of Three Mile Island, Jane Byrne’s election as the first female mayor of Chicago, the end of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”, and Apocalypse Now. Of course, the music is always the star of the show, and from the Clash to the Knack, we played as many songs from 1979 as four hours would allow!
Next week on Flashback: 1990


  • Song – Artist
  • Dreaming – [lastfm]Blondie[/lastfm]
  • Don’t Do Me Like That – [lastfm]Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers[/lastfm]
  • Ain’t That Peculiar (live) – [lastfm]Peter Gabriel[/lastfm]
  • Tusk – [lastfm]Fleetwood Mac[/lastfm]
  • Accidents Will Happen – [lastfm]Elvis Costello[/lastfm]
  • Starry Eyes – [lastfm]The Records[/lastfm]
  • Lady Writer – [lastfm]Dire Straits[/lastfm]
  • A Message to You Rudy – [lastfm]The Specials[/lastfm]
  • Life During Wartime – [lastfm]Talking Heads[/lastfm]
  • Wondering Where the Lions Are – [lastfm]Bruce Cockburn[/lastfm]
  • Reasons to be Cheerful, Part 3 – [lastfm]Ian Dury & the Blockheads[/lastfm]
  • I Need a Lover – [lastfm]John Cougar (Mellencamp)[/lastfm]
  • Tomorrow Night – [lastfm]Shoes[/lastfm]
  • Bad Case of Loving You – [lastfm]Robert Palmer[/lastfm]
  • Cheap Sunglasses – [lastfm]Z.Z. Top[/lastfm]
  • It’s Money That I Love – [lastfm]Randy Newman[/lastfm]
  • Rock & Roll High School – [lastfm]Ramones[/lastfm]
  • Danny’s All Star Joint – [lastfm]Rickie Lee Jones[/lastfm]
  • Cruel to be Kind – [lastfm]Nick Lowe[/lastfm]
  • Rock Lobster – [lastfm]B 52’s[/lastfm]
  • Walking on the Moon – [lastfm]The Police[/lastfm]
  • London Calling – [lastfm]The Clash[/lastfm]
  • Run Like Hell – [lastfm]Pink Floyd[/lastfm]
  • Dancing Barefoot – [lastfm]Patti Smith[/lastfm]
  • Logical Song – [lastfm]Supertramp[/lastfm]
  • I Thank You – [lastfm]Bonnie Raitt[/lastfm]
  • D.J. – [lastfm]David Bowie[/lastfm]
  • I Don’t Like Mondays – [lastfm]The Boomtown Rats[/lastfm]
  • Loneliness – [lastfm]Horslips[/lastfm]
  • My My Hey Hey (Out of the Blue) – [lastfm]Neil Young[/lastfm]
  • Those Shoes – [lastfm]Eagles[/lastfm]
  • Fool in the Rain – [lastfm]Led Zeppelin[/lastfm]
  • Passion is no Ordinary Word – [lastfm]Graham Parker[/lastfm]
  • My Sharona – [lastfm]The Knack[/lastfm]
  • Is She Really Going Out With Him? – [lastfm]Joe Jackson[/lastfm]
  • Hey St. Peter – [lastfm]Flash and the Pan[/lastfm]
  • Life Begins at the Hop – [lastfm]XTC[/lastfm]
  • Pop Muzik – [lastfm]M[/lastfm]
  • Crawling Through the Wreckage – [lastfm]Dave Edmunds[/lastfm]
  • The Dream Police – [lastfm]Cheap Trick[/lastfm]
  • Let’s Go – [lastfm]Byrds[/lastfm]
  • Dancin’ Fool – [lastfm]Frank Zappa[/lastfm]

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Comments (3)
  1. Rich L says:

    Good Lord! Was that really 31 years ago? I remember it vividly. I saw Kiss for the first time that year in L.A. at the Forum. Many fond memories.

  2. Jim Blaha says:

    My first year (of six) I lived in San Francisco…during PUNK’s heyday!

  3. Joe G says:

    I think you missed one – “Things I do for Money” by the Northern Pikes. It was about 30 minutes in, right before the Specials song.

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