dawes 385 XRT Show With Dawes At Chicagos Lincoln Hall 11/10/2010cb 125211 XRT Show With Dawes At Chicagos Lincoln Hall 11/10/2010At this point I’m hoping everyone has had the chance to see a show at Lincoln Hall.  I’d also hope you’ve heard the band [lastfm]Dawes[/lastfm].  Both have recently celebrated a year since their debut.  Schuba’s extension on Lincoln (just north of Fullerton) has continued their tradition of bands that you should see in a place while you can still see them up close.  The California band Dawes has a sound that comes from where their debut album is titled – North Hills

“When My Time Comes” (Studio Recording)

Between their influences and current friends, their sound depicts their setting along with the surrounding districts of LA.  It can be driven or simply smooth.  Off stage they’re genuine, gentleman who appreciate their time coming.  Chicago wasn’t just another stop or a night along their tour.  Lincoln Hall had a sold out XRT show waiting unlike Detroit the night before.  A girl I talked to in the audience mentioned after she heard them once on “93.1” she immediately bought four tickets.

I get the same reaction from someone who hears Dawes for the first time and phones the station to tell me about it.  Give their album North Hills a listen if you haven’t yet.  A fan commented on youtube that the best way to truly hear the album is “with a bottle (or two) of wine, a lawn chair and the warm California stars.”  Dawes will soon be releasing their 2nd album.  Visit Lincoln Hall if you haven’t yet too.  Lincoln Hall is into their 2nd year of providing the best music at the best price with a setting for everyone to see and hear.  Hope to see you there… under the stars or in the Hall.

“When My Time Comes” Live at XRT Lollapalooza Weekend

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Comments (5)
  1. Julie T. says:

    Oh my god. Dawes is soooo good.

    When my boyfriend told me that we were going to see a band called Dawes, I was like “who?” “paws?” “is that a dog?” LOL

    But boy was I wrong. This band is soooo good. If you like Kings of Leon or Wilco or Mumford and Sons (another new band my awesome BF turned me onto) then you’ll love Dawes. First off they’re really cute (not as cute as Kings of Leon!), and they’re music is so varied. Some songs are really powerful, and some are pretty, and I could even dance with my BF to a lot of them. Girls, a Dawes show is a GREAT date night, trust me. LOL

    The opening bands were pretty boring but that gave us a chance to chill with our friends and get some drinks in us for the real show. It was such a fun singalong set. We were even singing “when my time comes” all the way home. If you’ve never heard that song go get it off itunes NOW. You’ll love it!

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