srv Playlist: Saturday Morning Flashback 11/13/10Saturday Morning FlashbackYikes, it’s been 20 years already! [lastfm]Stevie Ray Vaughan[/lastfm] died, Nelson Mandella was released from prison, “Seinfeld” debuted, and [lastfm]Midnight Oil[/lastfm]’s Blue Sky Mining topped the XRT Listener Poll. The songs that forced me to crank up the studio monitors this morning included “Spin” by [lastfm]Wire Train[/lastfm], “I Don’t Know Why I Love You” by [lastfm]The House of Love[/lastfm], [lastfm]Los Lobos[/lastfm]’ “I Can’t Understand”, and I’ve always been a sucker for the late [lastfm]Michael Hutchence[/lastfm]’s playful vocals and Charlie Musselwhite’s harp workout on “Suicide Blonde”. Hope you can join me next week for 1984!


  • Song – Artist
  • Metropolis – [lastfm]The Church[/lastfm]
  • Born at the Right Time – [lastfm]Paul Simon[/lastfm]
  • Night and Day – [lastfm]U2[/lastfm]
  • Kiss This Thing Goodbye – [lastfm]Del Amitri[/lastfm]
  • But Anyway – [lastfm]Blues Traveler[/lastfm]
  • Real Fine Love – [lastfm]John Hiatt[/lastfm]
  • Cuts You Up – [lastfm]Peter Murphy[/lastfm]
  • Hammer and a Nail – [lastfm]Indigo Girls[/lastfm]
  • Joey – [lastfm]Concrete Blonde[/lastfm]
  • Walking on a Wire – [lastfm]Lowen and Navarro[/lastfm]
  • Nothing Compares to You – [lastfm]Sinead O’Connor[/lastfm]
  • Hard to Be – [lastfm]Vaughan Brothers[/lastfm]
  • Hard to Handle – [lastfm]Black Crowes[/lastfm]
  • What You Gonna Do – [lastfm]Buckwheat Zydeco[/lastfm]
  • Here’s Where the Story Ends – [lastfm]The Sundays[/lastfm]
  • Spin – [lastfm]Wire Train[/lastfm]
  • Tom’s Diner – [lastfm]Suzanne Vega / DNA[/lastfm]
  • Blue Sky Mine – [lastfm]Midnight Oil[/lastfm]
  • Policy of Truth – [lastfm]Depeche Mode[/lastfm]
  • Candy – [lastfm]Iggy Pop[/lastfm]
  • Suicide Blonde – [lastfm]INXS[/lastfm]
  • Merry Go Round – [lastfm]Replacements[/lastfm]
  • Wicked Game – [lastfm]Chris Isaak[/lastfm]
  • I Don’t Know Why I Love You – [lastfm]The House of Love[/lastfm]
  • Sense of Purpose – [lastfm]Pretenders[/lastfm]
  • I Can’t Understand – [lastfm]Los Lobos[/lastfm]
  • I’m Free – [lastfm]Soupdragons[/lastfm]
  • Shaking the Tree- [lastfm]Peter Gabriel[/lastfm]
  • Pictures of You – [lastfm]The Cure[/lastfm]
  • Viva Las Vegas – [lastfm]Bruce Springsteen[/lastfm]
  • Been There, Done That – [lastfm]Brian Eno & John Cale[/lastfm]
  • Give it Up – [lastfm]Hothouse Flowers[/lastfm]
  • Real Real Gone – [lastfm]Van Morrison[/lastfm]
  • Drive Somewhere – [lastfm]Vulgar Boatmen[/lastfm]
  • Birdhouse in Your Soul – [lastfm]They Might be Giants[/lastfm]
  • The Only One I Know – [lastfm]Charlatans UK[/lastfm]
  • Been Caught Stealing – [lastfm]Jane’s Addiction[/lastfm]
  • Consequences – [lastfm]Robert Cray[/lastfm]
  • No Myth – [lastfm]Michael Penn[/lastfm]

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Comments (2)
  1. Craig says:

    I was visiting Chicago this past week, on business, (from Derroit), found your station, and never changed it! Great radio!! I listened till I lost you about Benton Harbor coming home! Keep up the great work. I loved the variety on the flashback show this morning…Stevie Ray, Buckwheat, John Hiatt! Absolutely a music lovers dream!

  2. Thomas says:

    I went to the Saturday night show at Alpine to see S.R.V. and he BLEW me away!!! My ex girlfriend actually talked me out of going back the next night! Thank goodness I was fortunate enough to see him once. I will never choose a woman over my music again!!!

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