16 Playlist:  Saturday Morning Flashback 2/5/11

Smashing Pumpkins' Siamese Dream

Saturday Morning Flashback1993: Bill Clinton became the 42nd U.S. President, Michael Jackson starred in the Superbowl halftime show, and [lastfm]Smashing Pumpkins[/lastfm]’ Siamese Dream topped the 20th annual XRT Listener Poll. Stephen Spielberg had a decent year, with the release of both Jurassic Park and Shindler’s List. Perhaps the music of Saturday Morning Flashback took you back 18 years and made you smile…


  • Song – Artist
  • Closer to Free – [lastfm]The Bodeans[/lastfm]
  • Allison Road – [lastfm]Gin Blossoms[/lastfm]
  • Can’t Stop Killing You – [lastfm]Kirsty MacColl[/lastfm]
  • It’s Alright – [lastfm]Big Head Todd & the Monsters[/lastfm]
  • Pets – [lastfm]Porno for Pyros[/lastfm]
  • If I Ever Lose my Faith in You – [lastfm]Sting[/lastfm]
  • Driving Aloud – [lastfm]Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians[/lastfm]
  • Feed the Tree – [lastfm]Belly[/lastfm]
  • It’s About Time – [lastfm]The Lemonheads[/lastfm]
  • Purple Haze – [lastfm]The Cure[/lastfm]
  • Soul to Squeeze – [lastfm]Red Hot Chili Peppers[/lastfm]
  • Help Me, Mary – [lastfm]Liz Phair[/lastfm]
  • Get Off This – [lastfm]Cracker[/lastfm]
  • Candy Everybody Wants – [lastfm]Ten Thousand Maniacs[/lastfm]
  • Constant is the Night – [lastfm]Lowen & Navarro[/lastfm]
  • Plush – [lastfm]Stone Temple Pilots[/lastfm]
  • Devil with Green Eyes – [lastfm]Matthew Sweet[/lastfm]
  • Wondering – [lastfm]Widespread Panic[/lastfm]
  • Mary Jane’s Last Dance – [lastfm]Tom Petty[/lastfm]
  • All Apologies – [lastfm]Nirvana[/lastfm]
  • Dreams – [lastfm]The Cranberries[/lastfm]
  • In a Daydream – [lastfm]Freddy Jones Band[/lastfm]
  • No Rain – [lastfm]Blind Melon[/lastfm]
  • Leaving Las Vegas – [lastfm]Sheryl Crow[/lastfm]
  • Creep – [lastfm]Radiohead[/lastfm]
  • My Sister – [lastfm]Juliana Hatfield[/lastfm]
  • Regret – [lastfm]New Order[/lastfm]
  • Elderly Woman Behind the Counter – [lastfm]Pearl Jam[/lastfm]
  • Truganini – [lastfm]Midnight Oil[/lastfm]
  • Photograph – [lastfm]R.E.M. with Natalie Merchant[/lastfm]
  • Courage – [lastfm]Tragically Hip[/lastfm]
  • Today – [lastfm]Smashing Pumpkins[/lastfm]
  • Late at Night – [lastfm]The Igunas[/lastfm]
  • Daddy’s Gonna Pay for Your Crashed Car – [lastfm]U2[/lastfm]
  • Mr. Jones – [lastfm]Counting Crows[/lastfm]
  • Knockin’ on Mine – [lastfm]Paul Westerberg[/lastfm]
  • Back on Me – [lastfm]Urge Overkill[/lastfm]
  • I’m the Only One – [lastfm]Melissa Etheridge[/lastfm]
  • Hang on to Your Ego – [lastfm]Frank Black[/lastfm]
  • Are You Gonna go my Way – [lastfm]Lenny Kravitz[/lastfm]
  • Senses/Grass/Farmboy (medley) – [lastfm]XTC[/lastfm]
  • I Want Your Love – [lastfm]Chris Isaak[/lastfm]


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Comments (4)
  1. Jana says:

    You know what would be fun?Remeber when you had a show
    called ClubX? How about a show flash back to Club X dance
    days 12″ mixes Now that would be fun . I still have some on tape
    that I still like to listen to . Just a thought.

    1. Steve says:

      Jana, You should post on you tube. Would love to hear that music again.. Having been searching for these recordings,,

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks for the Freddy Jones Band song. It brought back good memories.

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