sxsw 385 140 Free MP3 Downloads From SXSW 2011 Artists That’s right 140+ free downloads from artists playing the South by Southwest Music & Film Festival March 11-20 in the city of weird, Austin, Texas. You know some of these artists ([lastfm]Fitz and The Tantrums[/lastfm], [lastfm]Brett Dennen[/lastfm], [lastfm]Cold War Kids[/lastfm]) but there are many you don’t — and that’s kind of the point of SXSW, this year celebrating its 25th anniversary.

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SXSW 2011 Free MP3s Part 1 (Download):
[lastfm]American Music Club, ‘All The Lost Souls Welcome You to San Fransisco’
[lastfm]An Horse[/lastfm], ‘Postcards’
[lastfm]Ancient Astronauts[/lastfm] feat. Raashan Ahmad, ‘Risin’ High’
[lastfm]Apache Beat[/lastfm], ‘Another Day’
[lastfm]April Smith[/lastfm] and the Great Picture Show, ‘Colors’
[lastfm]Arms[/lastfm], ‘Emily Sue Pt. 2’ (BRAHMS Remix)
[lastfm]Army Navy[/lastfm], ‘My Thin Sides’
[lastfm]Asobi Seksu, ‘Trails’
[lastfm]Bad Veins[/lastfm], ‘Gold and Warm’
[lastfm]Bahamas[/lastfm], ‘Sunshine Blues’
[lastfm]Barcelona[/lastfm], ‘It’s About Time’
[lastfm]Beach Fossils[/lastfm], ‘Youth’
[lastfm]Bear Hands[/lastfm], ‘What a Drag’
[lastfm]Beni[/lastfm], ‘Maximus’ (Harvard Bass Remix)
[lastfm]Bikini[/lastfm], ‘American Mourning’
[lastfm]Birds of Avalon[/lastfm], ‘Invasion’
[lastfm]Black Lips[/lastfm], ‘Short Fuse’
[lastfm]Bonjay[/lastfm], ‘Stumble’
[lastfm]Brandt Brauer Frick[/lastfm], ‘Berlin’
[lastfm]Brett Dennen[/lastfm] feat. Femi Kuti, ‘Make You Crazy’
[lastfm]Buck 65[/lastfm], ‘Shutter Buggin’
[lastfm]Cadence Weapon[/lastfm], ‘House Music’
[lastfm]Caitlin Rose[/lastfm], ‘Sinful Wishing Well’
[lastfm]California Wives[/lastfm], ‘Purple’
[lastfm]Callers[/lastfm], ‘You Are an Arc’
[lastfm]Chapoo[/lastfm], ‘Sweet Sigh’
[lastfm]Charles[/lastfm] Bradley, ‘Now That I’m Gone’
[lastfm]Chromeo[/lastfm], ‘Tenderoni’
[lastfm]Cloud Nothings[/lastfm], ‘Understand At All’
[lastfm]Cold War Kids[/lastfm], ‘Hang Me Up To Dry’
[lastfm]Colour Revolt[/lastfm], ‘Naked and Red’
[lastfm]Cruel Black Dove[/lastfm], ‘Isolation’
[lastfm]Dale Earnhardt[/lastfm] Jr., ‘Vocal Chords’
[lastfm]Damien Jurado[/lastfm], ‘Cloudy Shoes’
[lastfm]Datarock[/lastfm], ‘True Stories’
[lastfm]Deer Tick[/lastfm], ‘Christmas All Summer Long’
[lastfm]Eksi Ekso[/lastfm], ‘Killing Texas’
[lastfm]Eli “Paperboy” Reed[/lastfm] and The True Loves, ‘Am I Waisting My Time’
[lastfm]Elizabeth and The Catapult[/lastfm], ‘Taller Children’
[lastfm]Eternal Summers[/lastfm], ‘Pogo’
[lastfm]Fake Problems[/lastfm], ‘Soulless’
[lastfm]Fitz and The Tantrums[/lastfm], ‘Brakin’ the Chains of Love’
[lastfm]Flosstradamus[/lastfm] feat. Caroline Polacheck, ‘Big Bills’ (Flosstradamus Powe House Remix)
[lastfm]Franz Nicolay[/lastfm], ‘This Is Not a Pipe’
[lastfm]Fredrik[/lastfm], ‘Dance of the Peacock Phantom’
[lastfm]Friendly Fires[/lastfm], ‘Jump in the Pool’
[lastfm]Gold Panda[/lastfm], ‘Snow and Taxis’
[lastfm]Har Mar Superstar[/lastfm], ‘Tall Boy’

SXSW 2011 Free MP3s Part 2 (Download):
[lastfm]Holiday Shores[/lastfm], ‘Phones Don’t Feud’
[lastfm]Home Video[/lastfm], ‘I Can Make You Feel It’
[lastfm]Hooray for Earth[/lastfm], ‘Surrounded by Your Friends’
[lastfm]Houses[/lastfm], ‘Soak It Up’
[lastfm]Hurray for the Riff Raff[/lastfm], ‘Bricks’
[lastfm]Indian Jewelry[/lastfm], ‘Oceans’
[lastfm]Innerpartysystem[/lastfm], ‘Don’t Stop’
[lastfm]Ivan & Alyosha[/lastfm], ‘Glorify’
[lastfm]James Vincent McMorrow[/lastfm], ‘If I Had a Boat’
[lastfm]Jeff the Brotherhood[/lastfm], ‘Bone Jam’
[lastfm]Jeremy Messersmith[/lastfm], ‘Organ Donor’
[lastfm]Joan of Arc[/lastfm], ‘Explain Yourself #2’
[lastfm]John Grant[/lastfm], ‘Marz’
[lastfm]John Vanderslice[/lastfm], ‘Sea Salt’
[lastfm]Josh Ritter[/lastfm], ‘To the Dogs or Whoever’
[lastfm]Jukebox the Ghost[/lastfm], ‘Empire’
[lastfm]Kevin Devine[/lastfm], ‘She Stayed as Steam’
[lastfm]Kid Infinity[/lastfm], ‘P.Y.C.O.’
[lastfm]K’s Choice[/lastfm], ‘Echo Mountain’
[lastfm]Letting Up Despite Great Faults[/lastfm], ‘In Steps’
[lastfm]Liam Finn[/lastfm] feat. Eliza Jane, ‘Plane Crash’
[lastfm]Light Pollution[/lastfm], ‘Oh, Ivory!’
[lastfm]Living Things[/lastfm], ‘Let It Rain’
[lastfm]Locksley[/lastfm], ‘All Over Again’
[lastfm]Lord Huron[/lastfm], ‘Mighty’
[lastfm]Maritime[/lastfm], ‘Paraphernalia’
[lastfm]Matthew and the Arrogant Sea[/lastfm], ‘Pretty Purple Top Hat’
[lastfm]Mexican Institute of Sound[/lastfm], ‘Alocatel’ (Ad Rock Remix)
[lastfm]Mexicans With Guns[/lastfm] feat. Chico Mann, ‘Me Gusto’
[lastfm]Miniature Tigers[/lastfm], ‘Cannibal Queen’
[lastfm]Monareta[/lastfm], ‘Llama’
[lastfm]Moneybrother[/lastfm], ‘Born Under a Bad Sign’
[lastfm]MSTRKRFT[/lastfm] feat. Nore, ‘Bounce’ (Felix Cartal Remix)
[lastfm]Netherfriends[/lastfm], ‘Tac Tac’
[lastfm]Nicole Atkins[/lastfm], ‘Vultures’
[lastfm]Nite Jewel,[/lastfm] ‘Am I Real?’
[lastfm]Obits[/lastfm], ‘Two-Headed Coin’
[lastfm]OFF![/lastfm], ‘Upsidedown’
[lastfm]Oh Land[/lastfm], ‘Sun of a Gun’
[lastfm]Oh No Oh My[/lastfm], ‘Brains’
[lastfm]Olof Arnalds[/lastfm], ‘Klara’
[lastfm]O’Spada[/lastfm], ‘Time’
[lastfm]Paleo[/lastfm], ‘World’s Smallest Violin’
[lastfm]Papercranes[/lastfm], ‘Synapses’
[lastfm]Pete and the Pirates[/lastfm], ‘Selena’
[lastfm]Poirier[/lastfm], ‘Marathon’

SXSW 2011 Free MP3s Part 3 (Download):
[lastfm]Portugal. The Man[/lastfm], ‘People Say’
[lastfm]P.O.S.[/lastfm], ‘Never Better’
[lastfm]Professor Green[/lastfm], ‘Ballers is Bouncin (London)’
[lastfm]Pujol[/lastfm], ‘Too Safe’
[lastfm]Rah Rah,[/lastfm] ‘Salty Cities’
[lastfm]Revolver[/lastfm], ‘Get Around Town’
[lastfm]Royal Bangs[/lastfm], ‘My Car is Haunted’
[lastfm]Say Hi[/lastfm], ‘Devils’
[lastfm]Screaming Females[/lastfm], ‘Wild’
[lastfm]Secret Cities,[/lastfm] ‘Pink City’
[lastfm]Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers[/lastfm], ‘Venus Shaver’
[lastfm]Smoosh[/lastfm], ‘This Modern Love (Bloc Party Cover)’
[lastfm]Social Studies[/lastfm], ‘Weathered White’
[lastfm]Solid Gold[/lastfm], ‘Get Over It’
[lastfm]Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin[/lastfm], ‘Sink/Let It Sway’
[lastfm]Sounds Under Radio[/lastfm], ‘Portrait of a Summer Thief’
[lastfm]Sugar & Gold[/lastfm], ‘Aya’ (Justin Van Der Volgen Remix)
[lastfm]Surf City[/lastfm], ‘Crazy Rulers of the World’
[lastfm]Surfer Blood[/lastfm], ‘Swim’
[lastfm]Suuns[/lastfm], ‘Arena’
[lastfm]Takka Takka[/lastfm], ‘Everybody Say’
[lastfm]The Antlers[/lastfm], ‘Two’
[lastfm]The Black Angels[/lastfm], ‘Telephone’
[lastfm]The Black Heart Procession[/lastfm], ‘Rats’
[lastfm]The Dears[/lastfm], ‘Blood’
[lastfm]The Dodos[/lastfm], ‘Fools’
[lastfm]The Glass[/lastfm], ‘Four Four Letter’
[lastfm]The Good Natured[/lastfm], ‘Prisoner’
[lastfm]The Hours[/lastfm], ‘See The Light’
[lastfm]The Joy Formidable[/lastfm], ‘Whirring’
[lastfm]The Moon Doggies[/lastfm], ‘What Took So Long’
[lastfm]The Mother Hips[/lastfm], ‘White Falcon Fuzz’
[lastfm]The Raveonettes[/lastfm], ‘Come On Santa’
[lastfm]The Rural Alberta Advantage[/lastfm], ‘Don’t Haunt This Place’
[lastfm]The Spinto Band[/lastfm], ‘Pumpkins and Paisley’
[lastfm]The Stationary Set[/lastfm], ‘Brick and Mortar’
[lastfm]The Sumbarines, ‘Waiting for a War (The Morning Benders)’
[lastfm]The Whip[/lastfm], ‘Trash’
[lastfm]Toro y Moi[/lastfm], ‘Blessa’
[lastfm]Tulsa[/lastfm], ‘Rafter’
[lastfm]Tulsa[/lastfm], ‘Shaker’
[lastfm]Ty Segall[/lastfm], ‘Caeser’
[lastfm]U.S. Royalty[/lastfm], ‘Equestrian’
[lastfm]Uh Huh Her[/lastfm], ‘Say So’
[lastfm]Vetiver[/lastfm], ‘Everyday’
[lastfm]Wye Oak[/lastfm], ‘I Don’t Feel Young’
[lastfm]Yellowbirds[/lastfm], ‘The Rest of My Life’
[lastfm]Young Man[/lastfm], ‘Up So Fast’
[lastfm]Your Youth[/lastfm], ‘Diamond’
[lastfm]Zowie[/lastfm], ‘Broken Machine’ (RAC Remix)

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Comments (26)
  1. Bert Pace says:

    I just finished dropping the downloads into iTunes and I am really enjoying what I’m hearing. What a nice gift! Thank you so much.

  2. Mark Stein says:

    Good stuff! Thanks for sharing.

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