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Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday

curtismayfield385 Playlist: Local Anesthetic 5/22/2011

Curtis Mayfield

Yes we’re going to a party party. And we have an eclectic list for June 3rd.

Chuck Barris is 82 (!!!???!!!) He was the producer that gave us The Dating Game. But we won’t hold that against him because he also hosted The Gong Show in the mid 1970’s. It was way ahead of its time and Barris was a bizarre and wonderful host who got away with some stuff that the networks would not allow now. There was also a lot of talk about his involvement with the CIA. You had to be there….

Ian Hunter is 72. He was the head Dude of Mott The Hoople. Hope he sends David Bowie a birthday card every year since David gave them their big hit of the early 70’s.

Mike Gordon of Phish is 46. He also spent some quality time with the brilliant guitarist Leo Kottke.

Anderson Cooper, CNN anchor man, is 44. He won my heart with his coverage of the aftermath of Katrina. More than most journalists, he really “got” the tragedy that struck that remarkable city and its people. He shows up in some dangerous situations, will call someone on their lies, has a sense a humor and with the roll of his eyes, can “speak” for all of us who wonder about some of the train wrecks of our culture. And I love his hair.

There are some celebrating their birthday in heaven…or the other place. It’s not for me to judge.

Josephine Baker was born 1906. She was born in the USA but found her fame in France as a singer, dancer and actress. Some say she was the first African American superstar. She broke a lot of color lines in show biz. She was also active in the Civil Rights Movement in the 60’s. Ernest Hemingway said she was the most sensational woman anyone ever saw.

Tony Curtis was born in 1925. The actor starred in more than a few films, but the standout had to be Some Like It Hot. Good laughs. And Marilyn.

From one Curtis to another…it’s the anniversary of the birth of Curtis Mayfield. He was born in 1942 here in Chicago, and not only put out lots of successful songs as a solo artist and leader of The Impressions, but he was also one of the first R&B writers to address civil rights issues. The list of songs he left us with is amazing. And my friend Richard Milne had him on Local
. That boggles my mind. Curtis was one of my heroes.

Speaking of poets, Allen Ginsberg was born June 3, 1926. There are some good Ginsberg stories in Patti Smith’s book Just Kids. He hung with Bob Dylan. Some would say Dylan hung with Allen Ginsberg. He put the beat in Beat Poetry.

And speaking of Dylan, Michael Clarke was born in 1964. As drummer for the Byrds he was right in the middle of the folk-rock boom of the mid 60’s.

If you look up Mickey Finn on the internet you can find this at Wikipedia.
Mickey Finn may refer to:

Mickey Finn (drugs), a drug-laced drink
Mickey Finn (comic strip), a long-running comic strip
Micky Finn (fiction), a fictional character and pseudonym of the 19th century writer Ernest Jarrold
Mickey Finn (musician) (1947-2003), British drummer and former member of T. Rex
Mickey Finn (inventor) (1938 – 2007), American inventor military systems and sports equipment
Mickey Finn (Irish fiddler) (1951-1987), Irish fiddler
Micky Finn, a drum and bass artist

We are interested in the drummer of T. Rex, the brilliant band of the early 70’s that featured Marc Bolan.

And last but not least, Boots Randolph was born 1927. He’s the sax man that gave us the 1963 hit, Yakety Sax. Better than an energy drink.

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