middle east My Lollapalooza 2011: Saturday

If that look works in the Middle East, it should work in Chicago summer. But what about the humidity?

[photogallerylink id=93888 align=left]When I attend a festival like Lollapalooza, I try to take in as many acts as possible. Quantity (number of bands seen/sampled) over quality (dedicating time to an entire set). Does that make sense? Short attention span theater, sort of, but when you have 100+ acts performing over three days, you gotta cover some ground. So, here’s a quick hit or two on some of the bands I’ve crossed paths with.

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Death From Above 1979[/lastfm] – Holy hell, this band rocks.  I’m sitting there loving their set in the sweltering Saturday afternoon sun thinking to myself, “I forgot how much I liked You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine.  Why haven’t I heard a damn thing from this band in years?  Did they put out an album recently that I totally whiffed on?”  No, they just got back together this year.  Had forgotten about the 2006 breakup thing.  I’m glad they’re back.

[photogallerylink id=93726 align=left] [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Big Audio Dynamite[/lastfm] – BAD is back!  The original lineup!  Not “Big Audio Dynamite II,” not “Big Audio,” but the original 5!  It’s interesting watching BAD play with someone that isn’t familiar at all with their catalog.  They still know about half of their songs.  Even when someone doesn’t know BAD, they know BAD.  A little bummed that their crowd wasn’t bigger, but this is something that you’ll notice at Lollapalooza.  Legendary artists are on the bill, you’re fired up, you walk over to check ’em out and there’s plenty of good real estate available.  I noticed a smaller crowd with Lou Reed a couple years ago.  Older rock legends seem to draw bigger crowds to their stages at Pitchfork than they do at Lolla, but the people that put these things together know the roots, and even if the high schoolers aren’t kicking down the door to see ’em, hopefully they’ll keep asking legendary artists to play our beautiful city.

[photogallerylink id=36066 align=left] [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Local Natives[/lastfm] – Why were people flying Buffalo flags in my area during their set?  Am I missing something?  They’re from LA.  And why is their crowd bigger than BAD?  Hmmmm…  I’m going to have to deduct points from the girl that was flying the Buffalo Sabres flag.  If you like hockey, anyone else that likes hockey is OK, but when she’s rocking the “banana slug” logo instead of the classic look, you have to call it out.

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Ween[/lastfm] – When you tell someone that they should see Ween, and they ask what they sound like, what are you supposed to say?  They sound like Ween.  It’s like asking someone what Dr. Pepper tastes like.  Where do you even start?  “Thank you, Bonnaroo…  Oops,” is what one of the Weens said.  “That’s the best part of our set so far,” replied the other Ween.  You get so many different looks from this band.  Country songs and shredding face melters are a couple of things we got from Ween on Saturday, and if you don’t have Chocolate & Cheese, get on this.

[photogallerylink id=94198 align=left] [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Lykke Li[/lastfm] – What’s that?  You’ve been following Lykke Li since you read this fantastic blog post last March?  Oh, you hadn’t seen it?  Yeah, the zero comments kinda gave that away.  Anyway, she’s Swedish, beautiful, and gives us some damn good pop songs.  She likes the color black too.

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