terri 3855 Playlist: Aunt Terri Tunes # 3Here’s another collection of sings for kids that the big kids driving the car won’t mind hearing. It’s all good fun. Just follow the easy directions and put together your own mixtape of these songs to burn on CD or make a playlist on your MP3 player. Have the kids with you when you watch these videos.

1. Iko Iko – Dixie Cups

Iko Iko is a New Orleans classic about two Mardi Gras Indian tribes. The Dixie Cups had a huge hit in 1964 with Chapel Of Love. The following year they were in a recording session with the legendary writers/producers Lieber & Stoller. During a break the gals were goofing off with drum sticks, Coke bottles and ash trays singing a song they heard from their grandmother. All three gals were related. Two sisters and a cousin. Leiber & Stoller knew a great sound when they heard one. This turned out to be their next hit single. They still perform and I have heard them do this song many times in their native New Orleans.

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2. Baby Mine – Bonnie Raitt & Was (Not Was)

Remember Dumbo? That’s not a political joke, that’s a Disney movie about an adorable elephant. Well Bonnie and Was (Not Was) with Don Was take on this marvelous song. This was released on Stay Awake, a very cool collection of music from Disney films. It’s not on itunes, but the album is still in print and available. Worth it if you have a kid, or you haven’t grown up yet either.

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3. Little Child The Beatles

Gotta have a Beatle song on an Aunt Terri Tunes mix. This little rocker is available on With The Beatles, their second album, and is on itunes. For good laughs I included the song used in the Beatles cartoon series, so gather the little ones around the computer. I’ve also included the song with some fab photos. It’s never too soon to start the brainwashing. When you hear John Lennon’s voice come out the kid’s room, you know you’ve been a great parent.

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4. Cush Cush – Blackie Forestier

Some good rockin’ Cajun music goes over good with the kids. This one is not available on itunes, but you can find it on a compilation album called Allons Cajun Rock ‘N’ Roll. It’s a wonderful collection of Cajun music released on the great British label Ace. One for the whole family.

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5. Let’s Get Together – Haley Mills

When I was a kid I thought Haley Mills was the coolest. That British accent sounded so cool….even before The Beatles. This is from the 1961 version of the film The Parent Trap. That is on itunes and can be found on various hits collections.

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6. Give A Little Love – Ziggy Marley

One of the things I try to do with these mixes is to expose the kids to all kinds of sounds from all parts of the world. Makes sense to include some reggae music. Ziggy Marley has been involved in several projects for kids. This is a nice uplifting song about how love can make the world better. Good values. This is on itunes and was featured on the Disney album For Our Children, and was released in 2009 on Every Child Deserves A Lifetime, a benefit for the Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation. Talk about not just talking the talk.

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7. I Wish I Were A Princess – Little Peggy March

Why “Little”? She was only 4’9″ and 13 years old. She had a mega hit in 1963 with I Will Follow Him (great song!) and this was a follow up hit that year. It showed up in the first Hairspray film, which gave it a second life. It is on itunes.

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8. Busy Bee – Buddy Merrill

I’m not trying to drive your kids to drink and aspire to be a lounge lizard, but some of that music is just good fun. The original is on itunes. This “altered” version of the song was used for a youtube 2007 Chicago Marathon Time-Lapse video. See yourself in the video? Buddy was the guitarist in the Lawrence Welk Orchestra. My maternal grandparents were big fans of that show and tortured me by making me watch it with them. This guy is a great guitarist though and you can certainly hear the Les Paul influence. It was released on the World Of Guitars album.

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9. Jungle Bandstand – Bill Parsons

Love that rockabilly. And you have a rockin’ song with shout outs to animals. That’s a winner. I found this a few years ago on a sweet collection called All American Rock ‘N’ Roll From Fraternity Records. It was released on Ace. Told you it was a great label. This song is on itunes.

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10. Cool Places – Sparks & Jane Wiedlin

Sparks was a cool new-wavey duo that teamed up with Jane Wiedlin from the Go Go’s and released this song in 1983. Turned out to be their biggest chart hit ever. Very catchy. It’s on the album In Outer Space and is on itunes.

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11. Rama Lama Ding Dong – Edsels

A doo wop group named after a car that was a loser at Ford dealerships around America? But they sure could sing. And kids get the lyrics like Rama Lama Ding Dong. This song was recorded in 1957 but didn’t become a hit until 1961. Worth the wait. This song has ended up on everything from The Muppets to Animal House. It’s on a bunch of doo wop compilations and is on itunes.

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12. Keep On – Brady Bunch

Yes, The Brady Bunch. And I even have the TV clip for you here. Go ask Alice. This is available on It’s A Sunshine Day: The Best of The Brady Bunch and can be found on itunes. Price does not include those groovy matching sweaters.

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13. Sesame Street Theme – Elmo

The video is the theme song for Sesame Street, but for this mix I’ve included Elmo’s version. It is on itunes on the Best of Elmo album. Did you know there was a best of Elmo album?

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14. Minnie The Moocher – Cab Calloway

Cab was such a cool dude and had a huge hit with this song in 1931. Sold over a million copies. Huge. Maybe the Hi De Hi De Ho influenced Rama Lama Ding Dong. Poetry in motion. This version was recorded for the Blues Brothers Soundtrack. I’ve also included the video for the original version, so you can see for yourself just how cool this cat was. Crazy, man. The Blues Brothers soundtrack is on itunes.

Here’s the original

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15. Wake Up Little Susie – Everly Brothers

If you have more than one kid and they fight all the time, tell them they are just like the Everly Brothers because Don and Phil would drive each other nuts. Where do you think the Kinks and Oasis learned to bicker with siblings like that? It’s on itunes on best of and oldies collections.

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16. The Window – Trout Fishing In America

There just aren’t enough nursery rhyme polkas these days. This should fit the bill. This is a duo from Texas who named themselves after a novel. In 1991 they started recording children’s music and has had a lot of success with it. This is on their first kids album Big Trouble, released in 1991. It’s on itunes.

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17. Shape Of A Pony – Joan Armatrading

Like most kids, I’m a sucker for any songs about animals. And a pony….bonus. This song by singer/songwriter Joan Armatrading was released in 1995 on the album What’s Inside. If you don’t have that in your collection it is on itunes.

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18. Sally Go Round The Roses – The Jaynettes

There’s something magical about some of the hits of the 50’s and 60’s and I think the kids get it when exposed to these musical nuggets. This was a one-hit wonder girl group from the Bronx. But what a hit! It made it to the top of the charts in 1963. Haunting sound. I always teach my Columbia College students that the girl group genre was one of the leading reasons to listen to top 40 radio between Elvis and The Beatles. This is on itunes and on a bunch of oldies albums.

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19. Tumbling Tumbleweeds – Sons Of Pioneers

Love those cowboys and their songs. This is by the group that gave Roy Rogers his start in show business. These guys put the Western in Country & Western. Goes all the way back to the mid 1930’s. It’s on itunes.

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20. Someday – Donna Summer

Seems to be a lot of Disney material on this mix. Probably because I’ve been a big fan since I was a kid. This a bit different, though. A disco remix! Kids of all ages love love love disco. Don’t believe me? Put some on and watch them bust moves you didn’t know were possible for a kid that age. Donna Summer, the queen of disco, recorded this for Disney’s The Hutchback Of Notre Dame. It’s not on itunes, but available on Mouse House Dance Mixes. Really. You can find it at Amazon and other places online.

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21. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah – James Baskett

Seeing Uncle Remus move around in the animated world of Disney. I mean, really, who hasn’t wanted to do that. This is from Disney’s movie Song Of The South. This film came out in 1946. And this song won the Academy Award for best song in 1947. Mr. Baskett played Uncle Remus. Don’t go looking for the DVD of this film. There is concern that it would be perceived as racist. Long story. Mr. Baskett won an Honorary Academy Award, which makes him the first African American man to win an Oscar. He was unable to attend the premiere in Atlanta because it was a segregated city. Nasty. I wondered why we never heard from him again, and found that he died the next year of heart disease. Only 44 years old. This is such a cool song, and is on itunes.

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22. Wild Wild Life – Wailing Souls

When you think of Jamaica you think of bobsled teams, right? Maybe not. But the fact that Jamaica’s bobsled team made it to the 1988 Winter Olympics inspired someone to make the movie Cool Runnings in 1993. It was a comedy. Guess so. John Candy was in it, and the soundtrack gave us this cool Talking Heads cover by the Wailing Souls. Not to be found on itunes.

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23. Topsy Turvy – Ben Joe Zeppa

Another good, obscure rockabilly song with more cool animal references. Came out in 1957. You can find it on some rockabilly collections and it is on itunes. Good scream.

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24. Your Mind Is On Vacation – Mose Allison

Kids love wordplay. Mose Allison is no bully, but this song is full of fun insults. He is one of the original cool dudes. He’s still touring. Saw him a couple years ago at the Old Town School. I used the studio version on this mix, but the video here is Mose live with a great piano solo that should inspire your kid to take piano lessons…and practice. It’s on itunes and on a Best Of collection which is worth the money.

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25. Hi-Yo Silver – Harold Burrage

Your DJ is nuts over old R&B recordings, and it’s part of my mission to turn kids onto this music. It’s good fun. And without it we wouldn’t be listening to rock and roll music. It’s one of the cornerstones. Lots of it has a cool jazz influence…like this one. Harold played piano and sang some cool R&B. He released this song on Decca in 1950. It was his debut. He was a Chicagoan who played a big part in the careers of Otis Clay and Tyronne Davis. Bless him for that. He was only 35 years old when he died in 1966. Ace, that excellent reissue label from the U.K., features this song on a collection called Jumpin’ The Blues. It’s also available on The Cobra Recordings 1956-1958. And it’s on itunes.

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26. The Bunny Hop – Ray Anthony

Talk about your wacky, wonderful dance crazes. This ranks right up with The Locomotion for getting a bunch of sugar enhanced kids going wild. Ray Anthony played trumpet in the Glen Miller Orchestra. This was the B-side of The Hokey Pokey. Talk about getting your money’s worth. And in the 1950’s, things didn’t cost that much in the first place. It is available on the Capitol Collectors Series, and is on itunes.

And as you can see here, the Bunny Hop usually turned into a train wreck of sorts. Slam dancing would not be far behind. Make sure your homeowners insurance policy is up to date before you invite a bunch of kids in for this one.

  1. Another winner!! Impossible to sit still with “Iko Iko” in any form. “Jungle Bandstand” lifted me, a real kick, imagined purple elephants line dancing the Twist. (?!?!?!) Love the accents of Cajun & reggae in the mix, too – nice spice throughout your Aunt Terri Tunes series!! 🙂 What a magnificent gift for kids of all ages!
    — Katie Jones, Aurora, IL (BackbeatChicago@gmail.com)

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