Just the fact alone that [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Scott H. Biram[/lastfm] was sitting in the Last.fm Discover studio recording a session, is amazing in itself. Back on March 25, 2003, Scott was hit head on by an 18-wheeler truck and driven right over. He suffered a broken femur, knee, arm and several internal injuries. Metal pins & rods were put in all of the broken bones, and on top of that, a foot and a half of his intestines were removed.

Even more amazing is that only a handful of weeks after this life-threatening wreck, he was back on the stage performing in a wheelchair with an IV attached to his arm. He spent the next seven months in and out of the hospital. (Strangely enough, two original songs that he released on the record LO:FI Mojo, were called “Truck Driver” and “Wreck My Car”).

Nicknamed “The Dirty Old One Man Band,” he told us that after the accident he became more driven, and by being spared a little, he faced the fact that by still being alive, he had “something left to do in this world.”

On October 11th, Biram released his fourth album on Bloodshot Records and ninth overall. His love of country, blues, punk, metal, bluegrass & hillbilly music all blend together on Bad Ingredients. To my ears,, with this album, he has come into his own.  Check out Scott’s four song performance and interview with Last.fm Discover. His stuff will get you stomping and moving for sure!

“Dontcha Lie To Me Baby” live at Last.fm Discover

In Scott’s words…..

Scott’s other tunes:

“Just Another River”

“Truck Driver”

“Victory Song”

Scott’s website

scott h biram Last.fm Discover: The Resilient Scott H. Biram Survives A Truck Driver To Sing His Victory SongScott H. Biram Spends Time At…


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