Garbage To Release EP Later This Year, Butch Vig “Beatles Producer Is The Best Of All Time”

Garbage’s Butch Vig is considered to be one of modern music’s greatest producers. Recently, Vig divulged to Billboard that the production and creation of Garbage’s new album, Not Your Kind of People, went to well that the band has songs left over for an EP later in the year.

As well as working on Garbage,  Vig produced Nirvana’s iconic Nevermind and the Smashing Pumpkins’ Gish.

His work in music earned him the number nine spot on NME’s 50 Greatest Producers list, but Vig said that his favorite producer is George Martin, the Beatles producer who did 1969’s Yellow Submarine.

On NME’s list of the 50 Greatest Producers, on which Vig came in at number nine, Vig said that The Beatles’ producer “broke so many boundaries” in his work.

“I would have to say George Martin just because The Beatles records he did really broke so may boundaries,” continued Vig. “They completely changed the way records were produced, especially for rock bands.”

“Obviously it helped that he was working with an amazing band and they wrote amazing songs but he was very instrumental on the way those records sounded.”

In an interview with Billboard, Butch Vig said Garbage worked on “25 or 26 songs” for Not Your Kind of People.

“We do want to finish a lot of these other songs,” elaborated Vig. “There’s a week coming off coming up in May, so we might try to mix three or four more of the ones that didn’t get mixed yet. Since we’re our own label now we may just put out an EP later in the year or add some bonus tracks to the next single. I think we want everything to come out because I think there are some great songs that didn’t make the record. I think you’re going to see a lot more material coming out the next year or so, so fans should just keep their eyes on Facebook and our web site and there may be some surprises.”

Manson also said that Garbage wouldn’t be going on “hiatus” anytime soon because she doesn’t “think it would be good for any of us.”

“I think right now everyone feels in a very good place, creatively,” Manson continued. “How long everyone will have the stomach for the road I’m not sure, but I do know everybody is excited about making music, so we’ll see. On one hand we have no expectations, and yet I’d be a liar to say we don’t have hopes.”

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