Superhero teams like the Justice League, the Legion, X-Men and the Avengers (now a major motion picture) have been popular for years, but the group concept detracts from the individual characters. The more prominent members are diminished and secondary characters are brought to the forefront.

This can be effective, but often requires the strengths and personalities of the individuals to become attenuated to ensure cooperation and fairness and to make the story work. That being said, it can be nice to have numbers on your side.

Here’s some call to action music to get started:

  1. Join Together” by the Who. It’s a band telling us to band together.
  2. You Can All Join In” by Traffic. It’s a song that invites you to sing a song.
  3. Sing This All Together” by the Rolling Stones. Like number 2, but scarier.
  4. Everyday People” by Sly and the Family Stone. “We are the same, whatever we do.”
  5. All Together Now” by the Beatles. Good community project music.
  6. Get Together” by the Youngbloods. A hippie commune version of the Fantastic Four.
  7. United We Stand” by the Brotherhood of Man. A Revolutionary War song update.  
  8. Something In the Air” by Thunderclap Newman. Get it together now, Newman!
  9. We Can Be Together” by the Jefferson Airplane. First, we need to do some remodeling.
  10. Five To One” by the Doors. Pretty good odds from the 60s.       

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