The “Super Moon” has nothing to do with your high school antics. Without dazzling you with my command of astrophysics, I can tell you this. Tomorrow, the moon will be much closer to the planet earth than it usually is. What does that mean? Several things. More werewolves. Green grass and high tides. And, here’s the best part, the moon will look freaky science fiction big. Take the folding chairs outside and listen to this “Super Moon” playlist I have crafted for you. I guarantee the moon will seem even more beautiful. All you have to decide is whether you mix up a fresh batch of margaritas or continue your Kentucky Derby mint julep tribute.

Rolling Stones-Moonlight Mile. Sorry, Van. This is the best moon song ever.

Van Morrison-Moondance. Sure, I’ve heard it a few too many times, but it’s the title track to an album of unremitting brilliance.

The Silencers-Painted Moon. I have now set the all-time world record for blog references to The Silencers. Two.

Echo and The Bunnymen-The Killing Moon

T-Bone Burnett-Killer Moon. The lyrics were transposed from a dream his 5 year old daughter had.

Gomez-Blue Moon Rising. The most creative band in the world with a creepy sounding song that creeps up on you.

Los Lobos-Kiko and the Lavender Moon. The transition from the Gomez song to this would make a stellar segue. Los Lobos will be performing their iconic Kiko album live at Hopefest 2012, an XRT show at Park West on June 1.

Nick Drake-Pink Moon. This guy was so good. It’s a pity it took a variety of TV commercials using his songs for most people to notice.

The Waterboys-The Whole of the Moon. “I saw the crescent. You saw the whole of the moon.”

The Neville Brothers-Yellow Moon. Gotta love this live version with Herbie Hancock and John Hiatt.

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Comments (2)
  1. Imelda May says:

    Meet You At The Moon

  2. Mister Moonlight says:

    Moon River, Perry Como

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