By Richard Milne

A broad array of artists and tunes this week. Chicago Farmer’s “Workin On It” is just a delight. The Warmth, featuring Paul Foreman and Carl Saff work with a lot of electronic textures on the new LP Tourniquet yet manage to keep it all human. I’ve had Cousin Dud’s Workingirl’s Dud since the fall but finally found the right spot it for last night. All Eyes West have a classic Chicago sound (man, I hate to call it punk because it ain’t. Let’s go with “attitude”) on their debut. Plus tracks from Blue Eyed Jesus, Conductive Alliance and Eve’s Twin Lover all await on the download below.

Local Anesthetic – January 6 2013 [DOWNLOAD]

    Local Anesthetic Playlist – January 27, 2013 New Chicago Music:

  • Chicago Farmer “Workin’ On It”
  • All Eyes West “Everything I Never Said”
  • The Warmth “Move Quickly”
  • Eve’s Twin Lover “Optimistic”
  • Conductive Alliance “Rarebirds”
  • Cousin Dud “Mirrors, Reflections”
  • Blue Eyed Jesus “Pavan for a Dead Princess”

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