It doesn’t matter if you’re going to a death metal concert where you know for a fact that there’s going to be severe mosh pitting, or a boy-band concert where thousands of teenage girls will be screaming, there will always be something that irritates you while at a concert!

1.) Taking pictures or video of everything, literally everything. Most of the time, you aren’t even close enough to the stage where the pictures or video will actually turn out decent. So just snap a few good ones to show off your picture-taking skills and you’re good to go.

2.) Checking your phone every five minutes, whether it be, to check-in on Facebook or to upload that not so great picture to Instagram. You and thousands of other people paid money to be there, so put away the phone for two hours of your life and enjoy the music.

3.) Those people who push their way to the front and pretend they’re looking for someone or something. Yeah, we all know what you’re really doing, and it’s annoying. Plan your timing a little better, that way you can be in the front as soon as the concert begins.

4.) Getting insanely drunk. Yes it’s great to enjoy yourself and have fun, but you have to remember you’re in public. Of course drunk people means there’s most likely going to puke, and no one wants to smell or see that.

5.) Yelling out random things, specifically requests for songs. In all honesty, the band or performer won’t be able to hear you anyway, so you’re jus t disrupting everyone else around you. They are going to play what they scheduled to play, regardless of what someone screams out.

6.) When tall people stand in front of not-so tall people. Try to be considerate when looking for somewhere to stand; if you notice someone behind you, who looks a bit short, try not to stand directly in front of them. Everyone wants to see what they hear, so be cautious of your surroundings.

7.) Attempting to “mosh pit”. It is completely acceptable to mosh pit, at let’s say a Godsmack concert, but most definitely not at a Coldplay concert. People want to enjoy the music, not crash into each other like wild animals. You’re basically setting yourself up for a fist fight.

8.) Talking during the performance. Just like you’re at the movies, don’t talk while you’re at a concert. It may be the loudest song playing, but still people don’t want to hear you discuss your personal life while trying to hear their favorite song.

9.) People with those obnoxiously large posters. It’s awesome to show your love for your favorite band or performer, yet this prevents the people who are standing behind you to see anything. Just minimize the size of your poster and you’re good to go.

10.) Last but not least, the performers who arrive two hours late. Okay, so we listened to all three of the opening acts and we’re ready for the one we really came to see. Two hours later, and you’re doing anything you can to keep yourself from falling asleep while standing, they’re ready to perform. At this point, it doesn’t matter who they/he or she is you’re irritated and ready to go home.

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