Chicago Makes Forbes’ List of America’s Most Miserable Cities

This story has been floating around for a little over a week now, but I just happened upon this.  According to Forbes, Chicago is the fourth most miserable city to live in.  Huh?  Really?  Now, I obviously don’t agree with that, and the best thing to do would be to simply ignore the list instead of giving it more ink, but it’s hard to pass up.  I’m taking the bait, I guess.

The reasons cited for Chicago placing in the top five are, “residents must endure the misery of long commutes, plummeting home prices, brutal winters and high foreclosure rates. The migration rate out of Chicago is the sixth worst among the 200 largest metros.”

Brutal winters?  Yeah, it gets into the single digits a few times every year, but there are plenty of days in the 30s and 40s that pose no problem whatsoever.  As a kid that grew up in California, I wasn’t a cold weather fan when I moved here in ’06, but I’ve learned to embrace the cold and to enjoy the four distinct seasons here in the upper Midwest.  The commutes are a drag and the home prices could be better, but Chicago has a way of making up for that.  Some of the best eats in the world?  Check.  A big city full of mostly friendly people?  Check.  More festivals and outdoor events in the summertime than any one person has time for?  Check.  Two baseball teams?  Check.  A beautiful lakefront?  Yup.  Quality watering holes?  Oh, yeah.  Some of the best clubs and concert halls in the country?  Yeah.  World-class museums and public art displays?  Mmm hmm…

Now, I’ve heard people from time to time proclaim Chicago as the “greatest city in the world,” and personally, I’ve always felt that’s a little over the top, but it’s one of the best places I’ve ever been and seeing a list like this makes we want to jump to its defense.  New York was on the list too, if that makes you feel any better.

Looking at the list again, sixteen of the twenty “most miserable cities” are cold weather towns.  So, one thing we know is that the people that created the list can’t hang with a little bit of cold weather.  Toughen up a little, will ya?  And next time you create a list like this, the stupidity of a city’s residents needs to be a factor.  Being surrounded by idiots is pretty miserable, isn’t it?  A list like this without including a city from Florida has no credibility with me.

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