Time Lord Tunes – Celebrating 50 Years Of Doctor Who [Playlist]

The cult-favorite science fiction show, Doctor Who, is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary this year, and we have decided to provide a second playlist in honor of the show. This playlist will focus more on the past few seasons of the show since the reboot in 2005.

Longtime Whovians, be sure to check out Frank E. Lee’s Ten Timeless Tracks playlist posted in honor of the show a while back as well.

So… grab your sonic screwdriver and hop in the TARDIS as we celebrate 50 years of the Doctor.

White Stripes- Screwdriver: This song by Jack and Meg is also the name of the Doctor’s trusty device, the sonic screwdriver, wouldn’t life be easier if we all had one?

Dennis Wilson- River Song: River Song just happens to be the name of the mysterious girl from the future who claims to be the Doctor’s wife. Maybe she went back in time to 1977 and inspired Mr. Wilson to write this song. Or it could have just been about an actual river.

Wings- Backwards Traveler (Rough Mix): Hey did you know that Paul McCartney was always going back in time? Sir Paul claims the Doctor wasn’t the only one in England with a time machine. The rough mix doesn’t sound as clear as the original track, but it is longer than the original 70-second-version.

Dinosaur Jr.- Pond Song: Another tribute to an important female of the show, a recent traveling companion of the Doctor, Amy Pond.

Tears For Fears- Everybody Wants To Rule The World: The Doctor is always trying to keep someone from ruling the world, and all of the people who travel with him can relate to the lyric, “welcome to your life, there’s no turning back.”

The Smiths- This Charming Man: Matt Smith is the current Doctor and he is the 11th incarnation. This bowtie-wearing-Doctor is charming and he “knows so much about deep space”.

Billy Joel-Captain Jack: The immortal Captain Jack Harkness appeared in the show in 2005, and they eventually made a spin-off show centered on his character, called Torchwood.

The Automatic-Monster: This section of the playlist is dedicated to the villains and monsters in the show, and there certainly are some unique ones in the show’s universe. Hey, “What’s That Coming Over The Hill?”

Simon & Garfunkel-The Sound Of Silence: Only recent fans of Doctor Who will know the villains, the silence, as they were added in 2011. Known for their creepy faces, lead actor Matt Smith said he thinks they are the scariest monsters in the history of the show.

Leonard Cohen-The Master Song: Of course the Doctor has always had enemies, like the rival timelord, the master. Leonard Cohen wrote this gem describing another person known as the master.

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