By Leslie Witt

Let’s hope for clear skies in Chicagoland so we can fully appreciate the biggest, brightest moon of 2013. A supermoon, in astrological parlance, occurs when the crest of a lunar full phase overlaps with perigee, the point in the moon’s elliptic orbit where the moon is closest to earth. Peak time is Sunday, June 23, 6:32 AM CDT. Here’s a soundtrack to enhance the view.

Through the ages, supermoons have influenced and/or inspired romance, werewolves, ocean tides, and lots of rock ‘n roll songs. Consider CCR’s “Bad Moon Rising” as a 1969 tuneful prophecy for 2012’s “Frankenstorm” Sandy.

What could be more magical than dancing under Bowie’s “serious moonlight,” Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” or gliding in Van Morrison’s “Moondance?” Some kicked up their heels with the hokey King Harvest hit, but Thin Lizzie kicked out the jams with “Dancing in the Moonlight (It’s Caught Me in it’s Spotlight).”

Take a car with a moonroof, or better yet, a convertible with the top down, whether going just another “Moonlight Mile” with the Stones, or for a “Moonlight Drive” with the Doors.

Moons of many colors have made their way into many glowing songs. The Rogers and Hart classic “Blue Moon,” as covered by the Marcels in 1961, can be summed up in its magnificent final two, cascading notes. Add a little pink to that blue and here’s Los Lobos’ sonic dreamscape, “Kiko and the Lavender Moon.”

FYI, the song was given a charming twist on a Sesame Street episode as “Elmo and the Lavender Moon.”

Yet another color compels a listen; “Yellow Moon” from the Neville Brothers, appearing here with a couple of special guests.

When I hear REM’s song I can’t help imagining Andy Kaufman as the “Man in the Moon.” Scarier yet is hearing Ozzy Osbourne “Barking at the Moon.” Much lovelier is a reflective song by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová entitled “The Moon.”

My 9-year–old next-door neighbor, Beau, was walking in the muck in a neighborhood creek a few days ago and yelled “Hey, I’m walking on the moon!” Only a dozen humans can actually make that claim, but the Police made a fun song about it.

If only the ticket price was not so astronomical, just about everybody would sing, like Frank Sinatra did, “Fly Me To The Moon.” So here’s a more affordable, alternative take by Tony Bennett and the aforementioned Sesame Street gang.


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