Today, Lou Reed published his review of Kanye West’s latest creation, Yeezus, on The Talkhouse. The 71-year-old songwriter and founding member of Velvet Underground forms a surprising view of Kanye’s new album, which has been greeted with a splash of reviews, spanning a spectrum of assessments.

Overall, Lou Reed greatly enjoyed the album. As he states, “Such an enormous amount of work went into making this album. Each track is like making a movie.”
Reed believes that Kanye had no intention of creating a widely popular album; he wanted to make something that would “unbalance” the listener. In 2010, My Beautiful Dark, Twisted Fantasy, one of his most popular albums, was received and acknowledged with positive responses by most audiences. Now, with Yeezus, Reed claims Kanye is trying to say, “Now that you like me, I’m going to make you unlike me.” Reed asserts that he’s daring, in fact, “begging people to attack him.” With a song title like, “I Am a God,” he certainly must be asking for controversial remarks.

In Reed’s review he does not stop short of using such descriptions as “fascinating, aurally, nothing short of spectacular” and “gorgeous rhythmically.” As Reed explains, “At so many points in this album, the music breaks into this melody, and it’s glorious – I mean, glorious.”

For Reed, the bits and pieces that make up the album are stronger than the album as a whole. Reed understands that Kanye envisions and understands musical genres in a uniquely united way, “He obviously can hear that all styles are the same, somewhere deep in their heart, there’s a connection… it’s all music – that’s what makes him great. If you like sound, listen to what he’s giving you. Majestic and inspiring.”

Lou Reed, a longtime resident in the music industry, provides listeners with an unexpected, but honest diagnosis of Kanye’s most recent production. You have the choice to form your own opinion, but Reed opens a door to his own, positive conception and reverence of Yeezus.


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