With a career spanning over 30 years and a sound so characteristic that they have been credited with the creation of the goth rock genre, The Cure have gone on to influence countless bands over their history.

In honor of their headlining spot for Lollapalooza this year, we want to take a look at some of the bands influenced by the English post-punks that will also be at the festival.

These English indie rockers have been renowned for playing with a variety of different sounds while maintaining their own signature style, experimenting with unusual effects and uncommon time signatures. Still, the band shares strong similarities with The Cure in songs like “Miami”. Lead singer Yannis Philippakis definitely draws upon a similar vocal style (and hairstyle) as Robert Smith.

*Plays the Petrillo stage Saturday at 5:30pm*

The Killers
Fellow headliners The Killers have directly cited The Cure as an influence in their writing, which is evident in the new wave sounds of songs like “Believe Me Natalie”. From the ringing guitars to Brandon Flowers’ forlorn singing and lyricism, The Killers promise another great headlining show for Cure fans to check out.

*Plays the Red Bull Sound Select stage Friday at 8:25pm*

Beach House
Beach House has been widely regarded as pioneers of the “dream pop” sub-genre, a label born heavily from the influences of the slower and thicker sounds of new wave and post-punk artists. The guitar work and atmospheric sounds of Beach House’s album Bloom, such as “Myth”, emulate some of the moodier early work of The Cure.

*Plays the Lakeshore stage Sunday at 7pm*

Nine Inch Nails
Another highly anticipated act at this year’s festival, Nine Inch Nails is known for their industrial sounds, disturbing imagery and melancholy themes. Though it may not be directly evident in their discography, frontman and main writer Trent Reznor cites The Cure as a major influence on his writing. They’re also both into scary music videos. (Remember “Lullaby”?) Take this David Lynch directed video for their new single “Came Back Haunted” for example.

*Plays the Bud Light stage Friday at 8:15pm*

Crystal Castles
This one is a no-brainer considering the massive influence attributed to The Cure on anything with the word “goth” tagged to the label. These goth synth-rockers have even included Robert Smith himself on their song “Not In Love”.

*Plays the Red Bull Sound Select Stage Friday at 4:15pm*

Wild Nothing
Jack Tatum, otherwise known as Wild Nothing, draws upon a large collection of vintage eighties new wave influences despite only being 22. From the fluid guitars and drum reverb to the hazy, brooding vocal performance, songs such as “The Blue Dress” could pass as alternate versions of “Lovesong”.

*Plays the Red Bull Sound Select Stage Sunday at 2:15pm*

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