Daft Punk-Random Access Memories
With one of the most highly anticipated albums of the summer, the robots sure delivered. With collaborators spanning from Pharrell Williams and Julian Casablancas to funk and disco pioneers Nile Rodgers and Giorgio Moroder, the album infuses old school grooves with new school sounds for one infectious collection of jams.

Laura Marling-Once I was an Eagle
Laura Marling has a sort of folk rock grit that can’t easily be matched. Her guitar isn’t afraid to get rough, and her lyrics aren’t afraid to get personal. Her latest album is over an hour of some serious songwriting skill.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds-Push the Sky Away
Often subtle and hushed, the band’s newest album is definitely a bit chilling. It’s like Nick Cave is a ghost and started whispering ghastly tales to us in a dark cemetery. The album will tickle your spine as much as it pleases your ears.

The National-Trouble Will Find Me
The National force you into some real soul searching in their latest album, but they have the kind of sound that’s there for you when you hit that dark spot. It conjures up a dark warmth that’s similar to being hugged by a big, fuzzy monster. It can be comforting, but at the same time unsettling.

Iggy and the Stooges-Ready to Die
Despite the name of the album, Iggy and the Stooges prove that they aren’t ready to let the music die just quite yet. The latest release from the punk rock legends doesn’t play around when it comes to playing around either. Fast, tough, and upfront, if the Stooges can still rock this hard, we can still rock hard to the Stooges.

The Flaming Lips-The Terror
The Flaming Lips return to their experimental roots in their newest release, putting out an album that’s just a little off in the best of ways. One Youtube commenter put it best, saying “This sounds like music from a post apocalyptic future where electric instruments don’t work quite right. . . I can dig it.” You’ll scratch your head, but you won’t want to turn it off.

David Bowie-The Next Day
His first album in 10 years and surprise announced on his birthday in January, Bowie had our heads turning before The Next Day had even been released. The album incorporates a slew of classic rock sounds while still whisking us away to some weird, off-kilter planet where only the starman himself could take us.

Foals-Holy Fire
The latest album from the British indie rockers just sounds cool. It phases between funky, spacey, and heavy with ease. At some points you’ll be gazing at your shoes, then the next thing you know your hips will start to shake side to side, and then that shake will move its way up to your head and turn in to a back and forth headbang.

The Civil Wars-The Civil Wars
The Civil Wars’ self-titled album is kind of like one of those young love dysfunctional relationships. It’s filled with drama and tension, but at the same time it’s so pretty that you just can’t turn away from it. From the inspiring tunes to the dark ones, it all just sits well on the eardrums.

Buddy Guy-Rhythm & Blues
Who doesn’t love some good blues tunes? With 21 tracks, Buddy Guy makes sure everyone gets their fill on his latest album. Even at 77, Buddy still makes that guitar scream, packing so much energy into the album that it practically explodes. He has some pretty interesting collaborations on there too, incorporating artists such as Kid Rock and Keith Urban, as well as more straightforward blues artists like Gary Clarke, Jr.

Vampire Weekend-Modern Vampires of the City
These quirky indie rockers know a thing or two about making a catchy song. Their latest album essentially sounds like summer if summer could talk, especially because it has been adopted as so many people’s summer soundtrack.

The exclamation point at the end of the album’s title is the same way we feel about Phoenix. Phoenix! From the shimmering synths to the dancy drums and bouncing vocal patterns, this is one of those albums you play as the perfect pick-me-up for any situation.

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