By Lin Brehmer

If indolence is the devil’s playground, where do I sign up?

For those of us who feel ‘our get and go’ is lodged beneath a sofa cushion, what songs will motivate us to do less?

And this time of year, isn’t that just what we want.

Sparks-Goofing Off. The new national anthem we’ve been looking for? A largely forgotten but delightfully offbeat duo.

The Fabulous Thunderbirds-Why Get Up. The existential implications are staggering.

Todd Rundgren-Bang the Drum. How do you get a drummer off your doorstep? Pay for the pizza. Still, drumming beats having a real job.

Deep Purple-Lazy. Don’t let the church organ intro fool you, The Purp get all Spinal Tap on your bad self.

The Kinks-Sunny Afternoon. “Lazin’ on a sunny afternoon”

David Byrne-Lazy. Can a stone cold dance groove really approximate laziness? Not if you dance like I do.

Neil Young-A Man Needs A Maid. Sure Neil, but don’t say it out loud. Say ‘life-partner.’ Say ‘Soul-mate.’ Oh right. He’s given up on love. Now, that’s just lazy.

Otis Redding-(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay. Not feeling lazy enough? Loneliness is a sure cure. Remember Campbell Scott in the film Singles? After he breaks up with his girlfriend he goes into a death spiral. A friend finds him holed up in his house surrounded by pizza boxes and Scott says, “In this modern world, there’s no reason to leave the house. At all.” I love that.

The Rolling Stones-Hang Fire. Rich and idle. They should know.

Leon Redbone-Lazy Bones. Getting drowsy. Must get to couch. Must lay down my weary….

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