By Andy Koval

Today is Dave Grohl’s birthday, and what a better way to celebrate than to shed some light on the best drum solos of all time. I wish I was coordinated enough to be able to do even 1/10th of the stuff these legends could do. Drummers are the backbone of any band, even if they don’t get as much recognition as the singer or guitarist does. Here are 10 of the best drum solos, just for you Dave!

John Bonham
Led Zeppelin – Moby Dick

For all of these videos, I just wish I could have been in the audience. Obviously Zeppelin has crazy stories to tell their grandchildren, but so does everyone who ever saw anything like this. Jaw Dropping Stuff.

Keith Moon
The Who – My Generation

This took place in 1967, and I love how they destroyed their instruments like they did. I get the biggest kick out of thinking about all the people who thought that was extremely faux pas. The man put 10 cherry bombs in his drum kit, and Pete Townshend says it left him deaf in one ear.

Neil Peart
Rush – YYZ

What would a best drummers article be without mentioning this man.This video is awesome for 3 main reasons. 1, Peart’s drum solo is insane. 2, Geddy Lee looks like the coolest person in the world with that hair. 3, Peart’s solo includes a xylophone.

Carl Palmer
Emerson, Lake &Palmer – Karn Evil 9

This could definitely be a media example in Webster’s Dictionary for “Drum Solo”. Carl is going crazy, and I can’t figure out how his arms don’t get tired. All drummers must have great arm and leg stamina.

Dave Grohl – Happy Birthday!

Here is a montage of some great Dave Grohl drumming moments. Kurt Cobain said he would rather have Dave as his drummer than anyone, living or dead. What an honor.

Buddy Rich

Here’s an interesting tidbit. Buddy was known for his temper and even had a black belt in karate. “ I’m Buddy Rich when I fly off the handle” in “Sabotage” by The Beastie Boys refers to that temper of his.

John C. Reilly in Stepbrothers

I can’t do a drum solo article and not share this. One of the best endings to a comedy in recent years. Fun Fact, John went to DePaul and is from Chicago. Enjoy.

Mel Taylor
The Ventures – Wipe Out

This video actually shows Max Weinberg of The E Street Band drumming along with Mel. A great solo, and I’m sure every younger person remembers this song in The Sandlot.

Ginger Baker
Cream – Toad

Mr.Baker’s hands got them eventually buried in cement in 1991 on the Hollywood Rock Hall of Fame. I wonder if at the tender age of 74 he can still pull off moves like that. Is drumming like riding a bike?

Alex Van Halen
Van Halen – Hot For Teacher

I will leave you with this 6 year old dominating this song on drums. This kid has over 50,000 subscribers on YouTube, check out his other songs. He might be the next Dave Grohl!


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