By Ryan Arnold

Lin Brehmer puts together really sweet songs with which to woe your sweet heart in his “Valentines Day. Tender Songs She Hasn’t Heard” post. Emma Mac assembles songs for those who are presently unattached in her “The Soundtrack for Single Awareness Realization [Happy Valentine’s Day]” post. But what about songs for those who loath Valentine’s Day? I mean, loath – to the degree that  a root canal where the Novocaine wears off  is more appealing than enduring another walk down Memory Lane that’s lined with foreclosed dreams and unkempt lawns of emotions. What about us? …err, I mean – what about “those people?” Here’s a playlist of songs for “those people.”

First, the “…I’ll come right out and say it with a smile on my face” songs:

J. Geils Band – “Love Stinks”

“I’ve been through diamonds, I’ve been through minks / I’ve been through it all, Love stinks.”

Ben Folds Five – “Song For The Dumped”

“…and don’t forget to give me back my black t shirt.”

Then, the slightly more angry “…I’m glad (s)he’s gone, but I’m still pissed” songs:

Pearl Jam – “Not For You”

“With no power, nothing to do / I still remember, why don’t you…don’t you…”

Ugly Kid Joe – “Everything About You”

“I get sick when I’m around / I can’t stand to be around / I hate everything about you!”

Followed by the “…wow, I need to let it go” and subsequent “I’m kinda freaking myself out” songs:

John Lennon – “How Do You Sleep”

“A pretty face may last a year or two / But pretty soon they’ll see what you can do.”

Rammstein – “Du Hast”

“Du hast mich gefragt, und ich hab nichts gesagt (you have asked me and I have said nothing) / Willst du bis der Tod euch scheidet (Do you want, until death separates you) /treu ihr sein für alle Tage (to be faithful to her for all days) / Nein (No).”

Finally, the “…I’ve accepted it’s over and I’m (almost) moving on – but this day is still a ploy to sell flowers and chocolate”  songs:

Beck – “Lost Cause”

“I’m tired of fighting / Fighting for a lost cause.”

Eric Clapton’s rendition of “Don’t Think Twice (It’s Alright)” from the Bob Dylan – 30th Anniversary concert in 1992 (wait till 4:15 – he plays what we’ve all wanted to say to someone at some point).

“…I ain’t saying you treated me unkind / You could’a done better, babe, I don’t mind / You just kinda wasted my precious time / Don’t think twice it’s alright.”

And my all time favorite:

John Entwistle – “I Feel Better”

“When I’m feeling blue, I stick a pin in the picture of you beside my bed / And I feel better
When I’m feeling sad, I’m remember …”  ***You’ll have to listen to the first verse yourself to find out the rest of this line.

Let’s hear yours! Tweet or comment on Facebook.

– Ryan A.


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