By Richard Milne

Who said “Have a good time but get out alive”? Was that Zappa? Sure, it would be easy to look up but I’ve got other things to do. Plus, if I knew, I’d have to start this piece off in a different way and going backward at this point is not an option. So, on last night’s Local Anesthetic we had a good time and got out alive. To wit: Paper Thick Walls with a new EP due soon. See them at Metro on April 19. Cassettes on Tape will be at Whistler next Monday night. Fletcher rock the HOB on a 5-6 band bill this coming Saturday night. Velvet Jimis are at the Hideout on May 8. Bailiff will be on Local Anesthetic this Sunday night and at First Ward/Chop Shop for the release of Remise on my birthday, April 18. Sabers are at the Empty Bottle this Sunday. Rearden Roark open for Mr. Blotto at Reggie’s tomorrow night. Sure, there’s more info about all these bands and their new releases and you can hear all that on the show below. And, remember; have a good time but get out alive.

Local Anesthetic: April 6, 2014 DOWNLOAD

    Local Anesthetic Playlist – April 6, 2014:

  • Paper Thick Walls “Smoke Perfume”
  • Cassettes on Tape “Cuttertown”
  • Fletcher “Thunder Steps”
  • Velvet Jimis “Summer Nights”
  • Bailiff “Build it Again”
  • Sabers “Big Fish”
  • Reardon Roark “Leave it Alone”

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