New Chicago Music On This Sunday’s Local Anesthetic

What you can’t really see in the above photo of the vinyl version of Jason W. Frederick’s As Is are the hints of orange that give it an almost dayglo sheen. Oh, it’s plenty pink, alright, but when the light is right, whoah nelly, this is some of the sharpest vinyl I’ve seen in awhile. Super sharp. As is the music of Mr. Frederick (also of Cool Devices, the Means) and I’ll be playing a track from As Is as part of show of new Chicago music this Sunday evening at 7:30 on Local Anesthetic. This new single from Santah (pronounced like Mr. Claus’ first name) is pretty swell. I really enjoyed the band’s debut and thought it’s 2013 follow-up was good but they continue to improve and I’m delighted at the result. Just love, love, love this song “Won’t Be Long Now” and I’ll play if for you Sunday night. I’m not familiar with this fella Pat McKillen but he’s got good stuff happening on his disc Love Without Me. Reminds me of Andrew Belle‘s The Ladder from a few years back. HoZac Records has slowly become my go to label for Chicago ROCK. Their next batch of releases will include NonesMidwestern Family Values. I’m hearing hints of the Jesus Lizard, Jon Spencer, Stooges and all sorts of bands that make the world a better place. Can’t wait to play you a cut on this week’s show! What else? I dunno yet. Whittling it down. Rest assured, tho, just the above tracks will make this episode of New Chicago Music more than worth your time. Local Anesthetic, Sunday night at 7:30pm here on XRT.



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