By Patrick Kelly

Unless you have avoided all media outlets and have not spoken a word about the Super Bowl with anyone, you would know that the halftime performer this year is Katy Perry and she will be featuring Lenny Kravitz.

Now, the reasons are obvious as to why an artist would want that halftime slot.  Not only will you have millions of fans hyping your performance and tuning in, but you will also expose a ton of people to your music that may not have listened otherwise.

The coveted halftime spot has been held by some of the greatest artists we have come to know: Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, Prince, U2, and more.  Now, wouldn’t it be great to see more of our favorite acts join that list?  Let’s be optimistic about the Halftime Show returning to its former glory.  With that, here are ten artists who would make a great Super Bowl Halftime Show in the near future.

Pearl Jam

Yes, the halftime show might not seem to jive with Pearl Jam’s history, but at this point in time it could be likely to see Pearl Jam named as the halftime performer.  Who wouldn’t enjoy seeing Eddie Vedder and the band take the stage at the Super Bowl?  After all, we are due for a halftime performer that genuinely rocks.

Arcade Fire

Not at all strangers to the arena setting, Arcade Fire would certainly feel comfortable performing in a stadium for Super Bowl.  While they might be at ease, fans and music lovers, on the other hand, would definitely go crazy (in a good way) if Arcade Fire was announced as the halftime performer.  Keep your fingers crossed.

The Black Keys

It’s been a long way to the top for these guys, but now that they have the worldwide attention they deserve, the Black Keys would surely be a welcome halftime act.  With eight studio albums, several Grammy awards and nominations, and plenty of hits across multiple radio stations, it’s hard to imagine anyone being disappointed with watching these guys at halftime.

Jack Johnson

Maybe not as in-your-face as some other rock acts, but many music lovers would definitely tune in to halftime if it meant seeing Jack Johnson.  Having the ability to attract listeners from all sorts of styles, Johnson would certainly deliver an enjoyable performance that would brighten even the losing team’s day.


This might summon feelings of nostalgia, as songs like “Buddy Holly”, “Say it Ain’t So”, and “Island in the Sun” seem to capture a certain generation of music listeners.  However, not only does Weezer have classic songs that everyone can enjoy, they also continue to deliver incredible new material, releasing Everything Will Be All Right in the End in October of 2014.

Kings of Leon

This group caught our attention with “Use Somebody”, but now they have become a welcome and familiar sound to listeners all around.  A halftime performance from them would surely be an exciting and incredibly satisfying one.

Daft Punk

Coming fresh off their hot album, Random Access Memories, Daft Punk would certainly blow the minds of the crowd watching.  Some rumors have been circulating whether they would ever play the halftime show or not, but just mentioning the possibility is getting many people excited.

Fitz & the Tantrums

Making some serious noise nowadays, Fitz & the Tantrums would certainly pump up the crowd at halftime.  Seemingly exploding on the scene from out of nowhere, these guys have done nothing but rise in popularity ever since.

The Killers

Though it has been announced that the Killers have taken an extended break, we can still be hopeful for a Super Bowl Halftime Show from them, right?  With hits like “Mr. Brightside”, “When You Were Young”, and “Somebody Told Me”, not to mention plenty of solid deep cuts, the Killers would be an awesome choice for many music fans.

Foo Fighters

A current favorite to play the famous Halftime Show, Foo Fighters would surely be a class act.  Practically everyone is familiar with their earlier hits and the band has remained relevant over the years by releasing album after album of solid material.

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