By Haley Jones

Apple recently released some more information on the Apple Watch at their media event in San Francisco. The sleek gadget proves that while we don’t have flying cars yet, we are in the future. And it will only be a few years until this brand new watch technology is obsolete and we are using holograms. I have compiled a list of media gadgets that were at one time all the buzz, but are now only used by hipsters.

1.) Sega Genesis

The Sega Genesis was a gaming console that I spent a lot of my childhood using. Sonic the Hedgehog was a classic Sega game and also the mascot. There was always a great debate over which console was better: the Nintendo or the Sega. Everyone always had the one friend that had both consoles who wouldn’t let you forget it.

2.) Seiko TV Wrist Watch

Who could forget the grandfather to the Apple Watch: The Seiko TV Wrist Watch. James Bond even worn this watch! Sadly, the wearers can no longer watch TV on their wrists because the US stopped broadcasting analog TV in 2009. Now this watch from 1982 is just a fashion statement that says “I’m not behind the curve, you just don’t understand fashion”.

3.) Apple iPod

To continue with the Apple trend, another retro gadget is any iPod. The only time I have seen an iPod is one that is touch and it was my cousin who is a 3rd grader who just wants it to play games on. People listen to their music on the phones now and possibly even a watch come this April.

4.) Portable VCR

Possibly the most obsolete gadget of all is the portable VCR player. I imagine no one even has VHS tapes because probably like me, their mother gave them all away to Goodwill the second they left for college. That took years and years to get my Disney classics collection that large, Mom! But I digress… The rule of thumb is, if your technological gadget can’t fit in your pocket, it is most likely outdated.

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