Story By Nick Buffo

Wow—I can’t believe this summer is already coming to a close. It feels like yesterday I eagerly walked into Prudential Plaza, buzzed the elevator up to the 10th floor and strutted into the XRT conference room to meet all of my fellow Promotions colleagues. We all sat together awkwardly, looking around the room and thinking to ourselves “Is this really happening? Am I really working for XRT?” It was crazy to believe that the radio station we all grew up on listening to with our parents was now a place we could call home for the summer. As anxious as we were, none of us could doubt that this would for sure quite possibly be the best summer of our lives, and XRT did NOT disappoint.

Over 3 months of interning and attending tons of different events and street festivals, it’s hard to pick out which one was my favorite. However, the first event that always comes to mind is Cop on Top. Shocking… I know, but this was seriously a really fun event to work at. For those who don’t know what is… it’s an event that raises money for the Special Olympics. This was really exciting; because it’s put on by all different police departments around the Chicagoland area at their local Dunkin Donuts – get it? The reason it’s called Cop “on Top” is because a group of police officers go on the roof and talk to customers in the drive thru on a megaphone making comedic remarks and asking them to donate to the cause. What made this event more special were the people who showed up in support of this cause. Notable attendees included Attorney General Lisa Madigan, former Chicago Bull Bill Wennington, Benny the Bull and ours truly, Lin Brehmer. The reason this event was one of my favorites was because it allowed me as an intern to really meet all sorts of exciting people but also talk to fans who listen to the station outside of the City of Chicago. I’ll never forget talking to a gentleman that day about how long he has listened to WXRT and he told me he listens every day because we were his dad’s favorite station. After his dad’s passing he vowed to pass on torch to the next generation of XRT listeners. Although the day started at 3am for me, I was so glad to be among some amazing people and help the station promote this incredible event for some of the world’s most amazing and inspiring athletes.

Besides standing a various booths and tents around the Chicago area this summer, we were exposed to some unique events such as the Pride Parade. This parade was a blast – most likely because I felt like a rock star for an hour and a half. This event was special to the community because it was just following the historic decision by the Supreme Court to legalize gay marriage. Although I didn’t know what to expect exactly, I was expecting a crazy crowd and that crowd truly delivered. From thousands of screaming fans of XRT to hundreds of personal hugs, high fives and err…kisses on the cheek, I could truly feel the love from this crowd which made this event spectacular. Also, the after party at Terri Hemmert’s was kind of cool. No I lied, It was AWESOME. I mean how many times can someone say that they hang out at the house of a Radio Hall of Famer? Just walking through her apartment in Lincoln Park was like jumping back in time with all sorts of memorabilia that she collected throughout the years of being a DJ at XRT. Also, just getting to sit down and listen to her library of stories as a DJ and meeting all sorts of famous people was an inspiring time and allowed me to learn a lot about what it takes to get to her level but also the wonderful experiences and benefits you gain throughout your journey to the top.

Although I could write on and on about my incredible experiences here at 93XRT, I don’t want to keep you sitting at your computer all week. But, there is no right way to summarize what an awesome time I had interning for this legendary station. Being able to meet all kinds of fans, hanging with some legendary DJ’s and going to some historical events made this internship a once in a lifetime experience. I also highly recommend anyone who is the slightest interested in getting an internship here, DO IT, and one day you can sit here at this computer writing about your incredible summer with WXRT.

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