By Richard Milne

Last night on Local Anesthetic we heard new Chicago music from Jared Rabin (ex-The Hue, Safe Haven, Falldown) and his solo debut, Something Left to Say. Release show at Martyr’s this Friday. Mama are part of the War on Christmas Fest at Young Camelot on Dec. 11-12. Presented by Young Camelot, Hozac Records and Victim of Time, the fest will also feature Gross Pointe. Both Mama and Pointe have new 7″ singles on Hozac. Last night, Mama gave us “Open Secret” and from Gross Pointe we heard “Hitch a Ride”. By the way, on this upcoming Sunday’s Anesthetic, I’ll crank the new side from Heavy Times. “Black Sunglasses” is so friggin’ good. Damn. We also heard New Color‘s release Open Heart Surge Thru Me and the track “Pink Cheeks”. God bless the boys in Pox for nailing their submission to the 2015 Local Anesthetic Holiday Spectacular. Clocking in at :38, this little beauty contains all the required elements (see the link for specifics) and had that little bit of creative spark that I’m always listening for. Check it out and do your best on yours, whydontcha? The Island of Misfit Toys tell me they’ve got a submission in the works. Based on the uniqueness of “A Healthier Olympics” from their new I Made You Something release, I’m expecting something quite excellent from them. No pressure or anything. Just saying. Release show for I Made You Something will be at Lincoln Hall on Dec. 18. Finally, we heard Kill Hannah‘s “This is our December” in it’s entirety. If that’s the last cut KH ever records, it’ll certainly cap their career with a high note. Pun intended. The fellas in KH will be playing their final shows at Metro on Dec. 18-19. Ok, thank you for listening. Back with another show of new Chicago music on this Sunday’s Local Anesthetic here on XRT.

    Local Anesthetic Playlist – November 29, 2015:

  • Jared Rabin “Eight Trips Around the Sun”
  • Mama “Open Secret”
  • New Color “Pink Cheeks”
  • Gross Pointe “Hitch a Ride” (1997)
  • Pox “2015 Holiday Spectacular Greeting”
  • The Island of Misfit Toys “A Healthier Olympics”
  • Kill Hanna “This is Our December”


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