By Andy Koval

A few weeks ago in Brooklyn, LCD Soundsystem returned to the stage for the first time in five years under the name Test In Progress. The gig served as a warm-up for their massive tour starting at Coachella April 15th; despite some minor technical delays, it looked like that picked up right where they left off.

LCD will be closing out Lollapalooza this year, and I wanted to highlight some of their best work below for those of you who simply haven’t listened to them before or need a refresher. If you get a lot of weird looks from too much head bobbing at work today, don’t blame me…blame Mr. Murphy and company.

1.) Daft Punk Is Playing At My House

I can’t think of a better way to open this up than their first song off their self-titled debut album. There’s got to be a few dads out there in Paris right now that had a young Guy-Manuel and Thomas spin at their party back in the day.

2.) I Can Change

One of the themes of Murphy’s writing tends to be his own rollercoaster of relationships throughout his adult life. “I Can Change” is a leading example of that off their last album This Is Happening.

3.) Dance Yrself Clean

If you like to dance, this might be your go LCD song. Don’t be concerned it starts slow, it’s worth it.

4.) Someone Great

The third single off their second album, Sound of Silver, is a great memoir of dealing with loss and done in a perfect LCD way.

5.) New York I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down

They played their “last” show in Madison Square Garden in 2011 and produced a great DVD commemorating the event. They decided to make this their last song of that show, check it out below.

6.) Losing My Edge

This is their first ever single by them and frankly it’s as funny as it’s good. James spouts off so many great lies mingled with things that he actually could of done. If there was anyone to play Daft Punk for the NYC rock kids in the 90’s, it would be James Murphy.

7.) All My Friends

This song screams memories of late summer nights sitting around bon fires. The guitar also plays a bigger part in this song than most of their tunes. Check them rocking it at Pitchfork in 2010 below.

8.) Home

You might recognize the “ahhhh” in the chorus from Dance Yrself Clean; it’s addicting as ever in “Home”.

9.) Tribulations

This song is vintage James Murphy vocal style. Progressing to an almost scream but he still sounds under control.

10.) You Wanted a Hit

The space horn in the middle of this song gets me every time. I could have the worst day ever but if I hear that, I’ll start skipping down the street like West Side Story.

I’m excited that Perry and C3 scheduled LCD to close the fest this year. As far as reunions go, we could of had Guns and Roses instead. I love my fellow hoosier Axl, but booking LCD Soundsystem is the right move 99 out of 100 times.


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