By Mollie Olsem

Lollapalooza is finally here! But like it or not, work is just around the corner. You’re heading into a four-day weekend of loud music, insane heat, potentially-volatile precipitation, crowds and a lot of alcohol. It’s going to be amazing, but at the end of it, real life will come screaming back to you and it might not be an easy transition. Just like the impending hangover, everyone cures a festival comedown differently. Here are a few tips to help you get back to the grind after Lollapalooza:

Pre-festival prep: Before you even step foot in Grant Park, get your house in order. Adjusting back to your routine at the end of the weekend will be so much easier if you leave your space in the best possible condition. Finish up any laundry (AND put it away), clean up the dishes around the sink and tidy up your clutter. It will be just as important to keep this up if you’re crashing at home in between days. Clean space, clear mind, can’t lose.

uring the festival: You’ve heard this all before but drink plenty of water all weekend long, use sunscreen and eat some fruit. A hangover hurts, but a dehydrated, sunburned hangover really burns. Make a stop at one of Lolla’s new Bodegas to grab a banana and water.

Shower and sleep, as soon as possible: Now it’s Monday night, the lights have dimmed and the party is over. You survived! Great! It might be 10pm or 2am, either way you need to get home, rinse off your sins and go to bed. Your alarm is nonnegotiable and quickly approaching. Make sure you have some time to snooze and refresh.

Moisturize: Sweat, other people’s sweat, lake air, sunscreen, sun and sand makes for a nightmare cocktail for your skin. Lotion up, let is soak in, and finally feel comfortable again.

Keep up the water coming: This one is a no-brainer. Keep drinking water, or your favorite sports drink, or Pedialyte if it’s on hand. Even if you’re not dealing with a monumental headache and hangover, staying hydrated will keep you going no matter what. And do your best to avoid caffein, which might contribute to any anxiety or muscle aches after all the partying.

Have a hearty meal: Good carbs and protein will help with recovery after alcohol and junk food. Throw in some berries, which are full of anti-oxidants, vitamin C and alkaline to keep you balanced, and bananas to restore electrolytes and magnesium for your aching muscles. And say yes to bacon and eggs. Always.

Watch happy movies: In many cases, the routine of real life is kind of a bummer compared to the emotional highs of a music festival. When the blues kick in, don’t shy away from the kids’ flicks or junk TV series on Netflix. If light-hearted things don’t make you feel warm and fuzzy, go for whatever does and enjoy.

Exercise: Yes, you’re exhausted. But a little healthy movement will make a big difference. Once you’ve had a chance to sleep, eat and rehydrate, consider going for a light jog or bike ride along the lake. Exercise will flood your system with endorphins, making you feel so much better and helping to beat the blues. Cuddling also releases endorphins, so, pick your poison.

Plan ahead: A little mind trick never hurt. When you’re bumming hard, find something else to look forward to. Maybe plan a weekend at the North Coast Music Festival, a night at Ravinia or a trip to give you something to think about and make the time pass to heal this weekend’s wounds.

Call in sick: We’ve all done it.


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