By Amanda Wicks

BANKS loves creating striking, surreal visuals to interpret her music, and her latest video for “Gemini Feed” is no different.

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Taking a page out of Rihanna’s book when it comes to bejeweled, futuristic makeup, BANKS opens the video wearing an intricate makeup design made up mostly of large jewels with a golden snake’s tongue coming out of her mouth. Even though her eyes are closed, the way the jewels are positioned make it seem as though she’s got second sight and knows something isn’t right with her relationship.

“I tried a thousand times/ I tried to say ‘I love you’ but you didn’t hear me/ And you’re passive aggressive/ Convince me other people, they don’t care about me,” she sings toward the end of the first verse. That emotional torture arises in the ropes that have captured her and kept her bound. Split into white and black versions of herself—reflecting the Gemini zodiac for twins—BANKS can’t escape the ties her lover has created.

As much as she might feel like a powerful queen surrounded by Egyptian iconography representing sight, BANKS is still chained to her feelings.

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