By Amanda Wicks

Against Me! have released their new music video for “Crash” off their upcoming album Shape Shift with Me.

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Drummer Atom Willard jokingly said in a press release, “This was one of the most difficult videos we’ve ever made because it was filmed in outer space. The time it took to get there alone was enough to make some bands back down from the challenge, but we really believed it was the only way to fully realize our vision.” By “difficult” he meant largely homemade.

Filmed at the 40 Watt Club in Athens, GA, the video takes place in one room decorated with bed sheets and colorful lights. Against Me!’s members are set up in a circle, each wearing KISS-style makeup. The camera roams the room, settling on Laura Jane Grace before moving along to focus on Atom Willard, James Bowman and Inge Johansson, who each lip-sync lines from the song. A visitor from outer space even joins in on the fun.

From the smiles on everyone’s faces, it’s clear they’re having fun cutting loose and making a less expensive but no less energetic music video.

Shape Shift with Me arrives September 16th. Fans who pre-order the album on Amazon will get immediate downloads of Against Me!’s previous two singles, “333” and “Haunting, Haunted, Haunts.”

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