By Richard Milne

Despite enduring a somewhat heavy headcold, I soldiered on bravely thru last night’s show of new Chicago music on Local Anesthetic. Why? Because I care, dammit. It certainly impeded my ability to pronounce a certain artist’s name but even that provided a sort of low-level moment of amusement for its absurdity. Upon hearing the show, Nino Arobelidze wrote “Thank you so much for trying sooooo hard to make it work with my name, Richard”. I sense a pinch of sarcasm with a dash of I’m-not-the-first-one-to-clobber-it in that sentence. To wit, last night’s show, poor pronunciations and all, went like this- Clearance new 7″ “Owner Operator”. Clearance at the Hideout on Wednesday and on Local Anesthetic this Sunday. Troy Anderson with his solo side Frankfort! The much appreciated return of Radar Eyes with Radiant Remains. Joe George of Big Paraid out with Joe George. Nino Arobelidze with a Girl Named Nino. More on Nino below. And, Soft Speaker‘s new Nautical Romance. I’m Richard Milne. Thank you very much for listening.

    Local Anesthetic Playlist – August 21, 2016:

  • Clearance ‘Owner/Operator”
  • Troy Anderson “Realize in La Reigne””
  • Radar Eyes “Positive Feedback”
  • Joe George “I Don’t Want to Sleep Now”
  • Nino Arobelidze “Real”
  • Soft Speaker “Lotion was Good Lotion”


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