By Mollie Olsem

Even some of the greatest artists can’t escape the capitalist machine, or at least the extra cash they promise in exchange for serious talent.

Here are ten musicians who were featured in a television ad:

Jack White – After formally rejecting an offer from Gap, Jack White came around to the idea of jingles and wrote “What Goes Around Comes Around” for Coca-Cola in 2006. The song is very sweet, promoting Coke’s encouragement to Share a Coke, and the video has a seriously retro vibe.

David Bowie and Tina Turner – Just a few years after Pepsi released a commercial featuring Michael Jackson, they lined up an unlikely duo to push even more pop: David Bowie and Tina Turner. Bowie tweaked the lyrics to “Modern Love,” put on a lab coat and accidentally spawned a dancing Tina Turner in a lab.

The Flaming Lips – The only thing bigger than performing at the Super Bowl is having your music featured in a commercial during the Super Bowl. In 2013, The Flaming Lips wrote “Sun Blows Up Today” for Hyundai’s fun 60-second spot during Super Bowl XLVII.

Ringo Starr – Beatlemania no more; Starr’s eating at the Hut. In 1995, the former Beatles drummer shocked the world by starring in a commercial for Pizza Hut and eating a slice crust-first.

Tegan and Sara – Back in 2014, Tegan and Sara brought upbeat pop to a commercial spot for Oreo about living a life of wonder and the excitement of being yourself. And, of course, eating Oreos.

Mark Foster – Although he’s not in the ad itself, we have Mark Foster of Foster The People to thank for this parody spot for Muscle Milk. Before forming the indie pop band in 2009, Foster was a professional jingle writer, penning ad spots for Bank of America, Bing, and Cadillac.

Justin Timberlake – First there was “Every time is a good time,” then “Did somebody say McDonald’s?” Finally, in 2003, Justin Timberlake stepped in to introduce the world to “I’m lovin’ it.” Sing it with me now: ba da bap ba baa.

John Lydon – Just try to imagine Johnny Rotten sitting in a conference room in a suit, opening up his briefcase and settling in for a meeting with ad men. That’s probably not how it happened, but the former Sex Pistols frontman put his antics aside in the 1990s and 2000s to work with products like Mountain Dew and Country Life Butter.

Paul Stanley – If you’re going to rock and roll all night and party every day, you’re going to need some strong coffee. KISS’ Paul Stanley lent his pipes to Folgers Coffee in 2001 and did not disappoint.

The Rolling Stones Way before the Rolling Stones were a household name, they were eating a lot of Rice Krispies. In 1964, one year after the Stones released their first single, Mick Jagger and crew were featured in an ad for Rice Krispies, clamoring about that classic snap,crackle and pop. 


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