By Jason Thomas

Ive seen some stories this morning about debate stress and how it can be overwhelming for some. In the words of Lizzy Acker of The Oregonian/OregonLive, “(The) debates have all the excitement of a national sporting event, with the added joy of extreme global consequences.”

So it’s no surprise that a lot of people were freaking out on Monday night before and maybe even after Hillary and The Donald went at it on live TV for 90 minutes. Some states are way ahead of the rest of us when it comes to marijuana, and in those states you have a much easier time finding the right kind of weed to help combat stress, pain, and anxiety. Keep in mind, there’s a ton of evidence that says weed is much better for you and the people in your company than alcohol, but you’re still reaching for a substance to help manage your emotions, so, you know, proceed with caution.

Anyway, the list that OregonLive shared is a pretty fun read. I used the word “pairing” in the headline, and just like a server recommending a fine wine with an expensive dinner, here come the pot purveyors of Oregon to break down which strains are best for your current state of mind.

-There’s a strain by the name of “Crystal Palace.” People with any knowledge of European soccer will appreciate the name and most likely the effects. It’s known for relaxation and pain relief.

-“Buddha’s Hand” might be the way to go, you know, if you were asking me, and if we were in Oregon at Bridge City Collective. The manager says that this one allows you to “be kinda zen and take it all in and not yell and miss an important point.”

Fascinating stuff and an excellent post from Lizzy. Check out the seven other recommended strains here. Hey, there are two more debates and you have some vacation time to, um, burn, right?


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