In a wide-ranging interview with Rolling Stone, he also talks about #BlackLivesMatter, Kanye, Kendrick and the state of rock music in 2016.

By Brian Ives

Bruce Springsteen, a guy who has been on the receiving end of angry fans who want him to “shut up and sing,” was recently asked about Colin Kaepernick in a new, extensive, Rolling Stone interview.

“Athletics is a difficult place to make political statements,” he says. “Sports is such an escapist field. I think when politics or personal expression is injected, it rankles people more than in other fields. But we’re in a time where there isn’t any place where these issues can be excluded. I admire Kaepernick, but it’s a very difficult field to be outspoken in.”

He was also asked about the Black Lives Matter movement. “These are issues that have been ignored or hidden, and due to modern technology and the availability of cellphone cameras and constant video feed, these things are coming to the surface,” he said. “Black Lives Matter is a natural outgrowth and response to the injustices that have been occurring for a very long time in the United States.”

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In discussing the state of popular music today, he said that rock isn’t as powerful as it once was, but expressed admiration for two of hip-hop’s biggest artists: “Rock, at the moment, it’s not the prime vehicle for communicating those particular ideas. There’s a sort of mixture of pop and hip-hop that dominates the airways and is the current carrier for cultural comment… There’s great music being made now. Kanye West makes terrific records. Kendrick Lamar is incredible. You wouldn’t want things to remain static or to have a lasting hegemony on cultural comment. But there’s somebody in a garage right now with a guitar, probably, figuring out some different way to reinvent it, some different place to take it. That’s always going on.”

Read the entire interview at Rolling Stone


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