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Armstrong looked like a proud papa next to his superfan.

By Amanda Wicks

Fans bring all kinds of signs to concerts, and if worded a certain way they can sometimes get a person invited up on stage. That’s exactly what happened to one Green Day fan, who proclaimed via writing, “I can play every song on Dookie.”

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Billie Joe Armstrong saw Thomas Bulvan’s sign during the band’s show at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago on Sunday (Oct. 23) and invited him up onstage to play and sing on “When I Come Around” off the 1994 album. Bulvan—who was sporting bright pink hair—jumped up onstage, gave Armstrong a big hug and then accepted perhaps the coolest gift of the night, a chance to play Armstrong’s guitar.

If it seemed like Bulvan was going to be shy about suddenly being thrust in the middle of his favorite band, he instead jumped up on a speaker and kicked off the opening riff. Armstrong looked like a proud papa next to his superfan.

Another fan in the audience captured it all on video, check it out below.

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