By Amanda Wicks

To tide fans over until The Shins release their next album, the band shared a new music video today (Oct. 26), or, as they’re calling it, a “Halloween gift.” Titled “Dead Alive” it’s a fun nod to the fright-filled holiday and a look at what happens “when daydreams become nightmares.”

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“Dead Alive” is a rabbit hole of a video with each scene coming back at some point from a different perspective.

Creepy things happen when James Mercer falls asleep on the couch while watching Halloween-themed programming. As he dreams, he finds that his world has become a miniaturized toy version and it continually clashes with a more giant world where people tower over everything. Things get even more twisted when he becomes a skeleton.

In the video, the band continues teasing “I Gleek On Your Grave.” The phrasing shows up on a poster in Mercer’s home as well as on a drive-in movie screen. That may be the name of their next single or their upcoming album, but it’s something they’ve been sharing with fans more and more lately.

The Shins released their last album Port of Morrow in 2012.

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