By Richard Milne

Then again, I’m so far behind in my listening, I’m not sure what qualifies as “new” anymore. I’m chalking off 2016 as a lost year. You know, kind of like John Lennon’s “Lost Weekend” except his lost years were known to be a drug and alcohol fueled haze to which all I can say about mine is “I Wish!!!!!!!!!!” Mine has been filled with more tasks and duties than have been humanly possible to complete in a timely enough manner to satisfy anybody involved. Part of what has been under-served is a responsibility I’ve felt obligated to dutifully uphold for the last 25 years; listening to all the music that’s sent to me as host of Local Anesthetic. Just yesterday I spent a big chunk of the afternoon responding to emails that Chicago musicians sent me all the way back in July and even earlier. It’s been tough, friends, not that I’m looking for pity. Just offering up an excuse as to why your recording is still in the queue waiting to be heard. I’ll get to it, promise. What I HAVE listened to, tho, has been quite good and that’ll fill up tomorrow night’s Local Anesthetic of “new” Chicago music. Namely, the latest from Bob Kuhn, The Glass Eyes, The Rubs, The Flat Five (I’m officially engaged to all five of The Five, by the way. Wedding date announced soon!), Donnie Biggins, Cafe Racer and Wedding Photography. Thanks in advance for listening.

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