By Andy Koval

It’s that time of the year again, time to get out our music microscopes and decipher what should garner some much deserved recognition. Leading off and getting into the batter’s box first are the music videos of 2016. While the mass appeal of videos has seemed to gone down from 15-20 years ago, director’s have current technology at their disposal and fresh ideas. Here’s 8 of the best music videos of the year, take a look.

David Bowie – Lazarus

RIP to one of the greatest ever. From his days as Ziggy to his final album, David always knew how to put on a spectacle. “Lazarus” portrays what he knew were his upcoming final days and even references the back cover of 1991’s Station to Station reissue with his dark suit he wears.

Jamie xx – Gosh

For me, the odder a music video is, the better it usually is. Who knows what was in Jamie’s head as he orchestrated this apocalyptic/hunger games/cult style video. In the running for weirdest video of this year for sure. Get confused below.

Angel Olsen – Shup Up Kiss Me

Heavy discussions can be made that this is the best overall song on the list. Angel Olsen burst onto the scene with her 4th LP, “My Woman”. I don’t know if it’s just me but the way she sings she sounds British, but she’s actually from St. Louis. In fact, she moved to Chicago a few years ago so hopefully she switched sides to the Cubs. What a wig, shout out to the costume designer.

Leon Bridges – River

“River” wasn’t a single off 2015’s Coming Home, but it’s so good is wrapped up Leon’s slate of videos for the album. It depicts a family going through some tough and trying times, for me there’s some extremely well done camera shots in this that put it into the great category.

Radiohead – Daydreaming

There should be a camera like this a la The Truman Show on Thom at all times, I’d tune in. The video matches the intensity of the song which is low, but the ability to see into Thom’s dreams the way it’s presented in this makes it “best of” worthy.

The xx – On Hold

When you think of The xx you generally don’t think of West Texas and Friday Night Lights. This might be the very best video of the year and it was only released four days ago. Tim Riggins would be proud.

The Strokes – Threat of Joy

The Strokes have always made pretty entertaining videos, and I love the fact that this starts pretty traditional then gets super weird. I think it’s safe to say Julian and boys aren’t big fans of Wall Street. Referencing the fact they didn’t make a video for the single “OBLIVIUS” by starting out at it’s video shoot is A plus stuff.

The Avalanches – Because I’m Me

I’m leaving you with this kid’s epic Subway dancing for The Avalanche’s “Because I’m Me”. The Avalanches first album in 16 years was one of the biggest surprises in the music world this year. I dare you to dance in the subway better than this kid, definition of bringing the funk.

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